The Driver Era Break Down New Album Summer Mixtape Track by Track: Exclusive

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Alt rock duo The Driver Era, consisting of brothers Rocky and Ross Lynch, are back with their third studio album. Summer Mixtape, available Friday, September 16th, is a dreamy 11-track effort that ensures summer vibes won’t be going away any time soon.

The entire record was written, produced, and mixed by the two brothers, and the result is a pleasantly hazy, indulgent, and sun-soaked listen. From the opener “Malibu” to disco-infused “Keep Moving Forward,” which enlists vocalist Nikka Costa, the album gives Rocky and Ross space to experiment and play. In celebration of Summer Mixtape, they’ll be hitting the road for a globe-trotting tour that will take them across Europe, Australia, and Asia this fall; tickets are available via Ticketmaster.

“I feel like we’ve grown more this year than any other time in our lives,” Ross tells Consequence of the time spent writing and preparing for this record. “I’m looking forward to seeing how the work we’ve done unfolds further into our future and, of course, our music.”

Listen to Summer Mixtape and check out the story behind each track below.

driver era tbt
driver era tbt

The Driver Era, photo by Samuel Fisher


Ross: This song is for the memories that you wish would have lasted forever. It’s about reminiscing on experiences in the best locations. It’s about getting away. It’s the spontaneous trip you take with someone — maybe you knew them before, or maybe you’re meeting them for the first time.

Rocky: This is the only song that was co-written and produced by someone other than Ross and I. Ross, myself, and our collaborator Griff Clawson were all just in Malibu at different times leading up to the session, so we pulled from all of our different experiences for this one.

“Turn the music up”:

Rocky: Some nights when life feels too loud and overwhelming, there’s really only one thing to do. I wanted to make something upbeat, but I was fed up with relationships at the time.

One of my favorite parts in the song is the second guitar part Ross put in. I got pulled over the other day for having my window tint too dark. (Baller.) They let me off with a warning! The song was finished way before that.

“I got you, you got me”:

Ross: This song is dedicated to wishful thinking, gratitude and appreciation. As I grow older, I realize again and again, that ultimately the most precious thing in life is relationships. I love when my loved ones thrive. I always wish the best for them, and I’m so happy to have them in my life.

“Like a King”:

Ross: The way that you think has a direct effect on how your life manifests. Choose your perspective wisely. You’re a unique individual and completely different from anyone else, and that is a beautiful thing. I hope you cherish yourself.


Ross: A song for you to dream about someone. However you like. Whatever your fantasy may be.

“Fantasy” originally started in our garage. At the time that’s where our studio was. Since then, we’ve moved it into Rocky’s old bedroom after I moved out of our house. I was vibing on guitar and singing, which is those ad libs you hear in the background, and Rocky was initially playing drums. It then marinated on our hard drive for a little while. A few days later I opened it up and the chorus just came to me in a rush and I sang it in and that’s what you hear. I think I was a little sick at the time… but sometimes you can’t beat the flow of a melody’s initial inception so we kept it.

“The Money”:

Ross: I originally wrote these lyrics while visualizing a heist! But then I realized this song has much more meaning and significance to me personally. Right now, in my life, I have the choice to make money or to be with my love. And there is a balance to achieve, no doubt. But ultimately, I’m gonna choose love over money every time.


Ross: This is my favorite song to cruise to! Go for a drive with your friends and blast this one. You’ll thank me later. “Bronco” summarizes our “having fun” process. Sometimes it doesn’t need to make sense if it makes you feel good, and this song did just that for us. Some people critiqued it and thought we should elaborate on it, but that’s the whole charm of our “summer mixtape”. It’s raw and honest. It doesn’t always make sense but we were having a blast and that’s all that matters.

“Back To You”:

Ross: When I was younger, I was prone to being compliment focused. I loved words of praise. Although, the older I get, the less I care what anyone thinks. This song is dedicated to outgrowing my need for external validation.

“Be Happening”:

Ross: Life is all about now. We know this fundamentally, spiritually. All the greatest spiritual teachers urge us to remember. But we still get swept up in what’s happened or what could be better. I guess this song is about letting go of the past so that now can be pleasant. Whether that’s a relationship with someone, or just yourself. Forgiveness is definitely key.


Rocky: “Endlessly” is about influenced decisions, and the ability to maybe see past influence. It’s about attraction, instinct, and control. Observation of the body and mind. I actually made this song right after a Dodgers game — not really sure how or why it came to me after that!

“Keep Moving Forward” feat. Nikka Costa:

Ross: This song is really about life and progress. We have to keep moving forward, no matter what obstacles we face. It’s innately human to expand and create.

We are super stoked to have Nikka Costa on this track. She is a legend and we’ve been fans for a long time. The song would not have been the same without her. We couldn’t figure out the finishing pieces in the studio ourselves, and then she sent some really cool ideas over and took this song to the next level.

The Driver Era Break Down New Album Summer Mixtape Track by Track: Exclusive
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