Drew McIntyre: I Was Never Going To Go Away From WWE

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Drew McIntyre opens up about re-signing with WWE.

On April 26, The Rock announced that Drew McIntyre had re-signed with WWE. McIntyre was weeks away from potentially entering free agency, as the former WWE Champion’s contract was set to expire. Instead, he has landed a multi-year deal that will keep him with WWE for some time to come.

Speaking on The Pat McAfee Show, Drew McIntyre discussed re-signing with WWE.

“WWE is on fire right now. We’re making billion-dollar deals left and right,” Drew McIntyre said. “We’ve got the billion-dollar man, Nick Khan, closing all these deals for us left and right. At the top, there’s a lot of things going on, a lot of opportunities if you get to the top. I’ve been to the top, and whatever people are trying to do to stop me getting to the top, it’s not gonna happen. I know this industry too well, I figured it out backstage. I’d you try to politic your way ahead on me, I’ll just beat you down, and I’ll get myself ahead of you because I know how this game works, and I’m too big and wise.”

Drew McIntyre On Re-Signing With WWE

Drew McIntyre went on to note that he was staying with WWE for the foreseeable future. He commented on the negotiations and stated that he was never going anywhere else.

“That’s why I’m staying with WWE for the foreseeable future,” Drew McIntyre said. “I wasn’t gonna go anywhere, for anybody out there who was unsure, reading those internet rumors or whatever. We were just in a place where I had to get things right for my family. I got with Nick Khan, I got with Triple H.

“They were so understanding. We got things right for the future. Drew McIntyre was never gonna go away from WWE. It’s awesome that The Rock made that announcement. It’s the first time he’s done that for anybody on our roster.”

McIntyre on to reflect on how he got fired ten years ago, and the road here lead to The Rock announcing that he re-signed.

The video can be seen here:

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