Drew McIntyre On CM Punk Feud: We’re Grown-Ass Men, We’re Going To Handle It Grown-Ass Ways

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CM Punk has been antagonizing Drew McIntyre for the better part of a month now. Despite the constant jabs, McIntyre’s focus remains the same.

During a recent appearance on The Pat McAfee Show, McIntyre was asked about Michael Cole’s comments on whether he was being too obsessed with Punk after Punk and McIntyre’s feud came to a head at WrestleMania 40. McIntyre said that his issues with Punk go back a long time, and he won’t let them go.

“Maybe if Michael Cole thought for a second to be a journalist for a second and ask me some of the hard-hitting questions, he would understand more why I feel the way I feel about CM Punk,” Drew McIntyre said. “I’ve referenced it repeatedly, I won’t go into details right now, but we were on the roster together when I was just a kid, from the age of 22 to the age of 26.

“He was somebody that could’ve been a leader for me, and he actively hurt my career when I was younger. And people are like ‘Oh, just forget the past.’ You know, I hear about it all the time when it comes to The Bloodline, when it comes to some of the other things going on in WWE. ‘Just forget the past, forgive and forget,’ I can’t forget if you literally ruined my life.”

McIntyre doesn’t care if he looks silly chasing Punk around

Drew McIntyre went on to state that he doesn’t care if he looks stupid chasing around Punk, like he did this past weekend on WWE RAW. Soon, McIntyre said, he’ll show up in Chicago and handle things the grown way.

“And right now it’s ‘Oh, you look like a big dumb idiot chasing CM Punk,’ and I was saying ‘Mate, get in my face,” Drew McIntyre said. “You screwed me at the World Title at WrestleMania, just face me like a man, you’re playing games where I’m chasing you around.’ No, like who’s the coward here? Who’s the, again, PG, ‘p word’ here? He is.

“So if I look like an idiot chasing him around, fair enough,” McIntyre said. “But he’s not willing to fight me like a man. I’m not going to end up showing up to his doorstep. He embarrassed me at WrestleMania, it was 5 minutes and 46 seconds, by the way, I had the title for before he cheated me out of it. Now I’m getting ready to show up to Chicago like I don’t know where he lives, and start smacking him around. We’re grown ass men, we’re going to handle it grown ass ways, and that’s my fist in your face.”

McIntyre On CM Punk’s injury

McIntyre also briefly touched on Punk’s injury, calling it mostly nonsense. He referenced his own fractured elbow that he suffered at WrestleMania 40. McIntyre stated said he’s been working the entire time, all while Punk at sat home and took paychecks, according to him.

“You know what happened at Mania when [CM Punk] attacked me from behind and swept my legs out? He fractured my elbow. Broken bones in it,” said McIntyre. “You know what I did the next day? I wrestled in a four-way match, and I would have won if it wasn’t for CM Punk.

“I’ve been taping up every week. I did a European tour where I wrestled Jey Uso every single night. He’s sitting on his couch, collecting his big paycheck, thinking he can kiss corporate arse and keep cashing those checks while I’m putting in work. Why is the bad guy? Who is the delusional one? Who is the hypocrite?”

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