Drew Barrymore Has Perfected the Art of the Intimate Celebrity Interview

Screenshot:  Drew Barrymore Show

In her poem “Wild Geese,” the poet Mary Oliver wrote, “You do not have to be good. / You do not have to walk on your knees / for a hundred miles through the desert repenting.” Can someone send that to Drew Barrymore?

Just kidding. Drew Barrymore isn’t repenting for anything (nor should she!), but she does spend what feels like the equivalent of a hundred miles on her knees while interviewing guests on her show, and it’s now happened enough times to consider it her signature move. I wonder if guests who don’t bring Drew to their knees feel slighted? Do her producers prime them beforehand? “Just a heads up, if you cross a certain emotional threshold, Drew will crawl to you from across the room and weep at your feet.”

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Drew, apparently, has an emotional depth that even the Library of Alexandria could not contain. When she locks into conversations on her show, she is so tuned in that she must physically (consensually!) grab her guests to further connect with them. It’s beautiful. It’s intense. Somewhere Ellen DeGeneres is going, “Dang, why did I stick to dancing?”

So let’s embark on a tour of the vast range of Drew Barrymore’s emotions, which are expressed more often than not on her knees. Occasionally, she has both hands placed on her guest. Is it always the appropriate response? I say yes.

Kathryn Hahn

Screenshot:  Drew Barrymore Show

In this moment, Drew was simply telling Kathryn Hahn that she would watch her in any project. The sheer intensity of that promise put Hahn into repose. Moments later, Drew made Hahn feel her smoothly shaved calf.

Did the moment call for this?: Yes

Chloe Bailey

Screenshot:  Drew Barrymore Show

Chloe opened up to Drew that she sometimes falls victim to negative self talk. Relatable; Drew does too! And with that, she’s on her knees!

Did the moment call for this?: Yes

Lionel Richie

Screenshot:  Drew Barrymore Show

Lionel was expressing the fear he once harbored for his daughter Nicole Richie and her friend Paris Hilton when they were younger. Now, he says, they’ve turned out “perfectly.”

“We turned out OK!” Drew, who also survived a tumultuous youth, replied as she fell to her knees and hobbled over to give him a hug.

Did the moment call for this?: Yes

Paris Hilton

Screenshot:  Drew Barrymore Show

In this perfect moment, Paris Hilton told Drew that she does not bring her 2-month-old son to her DJ sets. While this did not bring Drew to her knees, she is listening like this is the sagest advice of all time.

Did the moment call for this?: Arguably no, but also...sure why not.

Dylan Mulvaney

Screenshot:  Drew Barrymore Show

This was another touching exchange about combatting self-hatred. Drew went on a bit of a tangent comparing film reviews to social media, which I can’t say I’m fully on board with, but I imagine they are tough to navigate as an actor.

Did the moment call for this?: Yes!!!!

Christine Taylor

Screenshot:  Drew Barrymore Show

Christine Taylor was discussing reuniting with her husband, Ben Stiller, when she praised Drew for being good at noticing small details. She is!! And that recognition got what it deserved—a knee hug!!

Did the moment call for this?: Absolutely!

William Harper Jackson

Screenshot:  Drew Barrymore Show

As sweet as this moment looks, I do have to break the news to you that they are bonding over the Marvel Cinematic Universe, unfortunately.

Did the moment call for this?: I want to say no (it’s about formulaic superhero movies) but...I am happy for their happiness! So, yes!

Lucy Liu

Screenshot:  Drew Barrymore Show

“This pandemic has taught me that we just need to cherish every moment, “ Lucy Liu told Drew.

Boom, on her knees. “I cherish every moment with you,” Drew responded.

Did the moment call for this?: Yes.

Aubrey Plaza

Screenshot:  Drew Barrymore Show

Cool indifference found DEAD! Drew got so excited that Aubrey Plaza was nominated for a Golden Globe that she started bouncing around on the couch (on her knees, of course), which Plaza responded to by spanking Drew.

Did the moment call for this?: Of course, yes.

Brooke Shields

Screenshot:  Drew Barrymore Show

Another intense moment that required literally all hands on deck. Drew and Brooke bonded over their traumatic childhoods and complicated relationships with their moms. Drew makes guests feel SEEN and that is why no one is doing interviews like her!!

Did the moment call for this?: Yes!!!!!!

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