Drew Barrymore Channels M3GAN as She Recreates Movie Doll's Viral Dance: 'M3GAN Has Taken Over'

Drew Barrymore Channels M3GAN as She Recreates Movie Doll's Viral Dance: 'M3GAN Has Taken Over'
Drew Barrymore Channels M3GAN as She Recreates Movie Doll's Viral Dance: 'M3GAN Has Taken Over'

Drew Barrymore/Instagram Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore is your new best friend ... forever.

The actress, 47, tapped into her horror roots Tuesday as she channeled the title character from M3GAN, the newly released hit film starring Allison Williams about a life-size robotic doll equipped with A.I. who turns deadly.

One scene near the end of the Gerard Johnstone-directed flick sees M3GAN (played by 12-year-old actress Amie Donald) perform a series of unhinged dance moves inside an office building as she closes in on one would-be victim. The scene, which was featured in the trailer, went viral even before the movie was released in theaters earlier this month.

"M3GAN?" Barrymore's co-host Ross Mathews asks at the beginning of the video, mimicking the doll's onscreen owner Cady (Williams' character Gemma's niece, played by 11-year-old Violet McGraw) — before Barrymore breaks it down, miming M3GAN's dance moves.

The actress is even dressed in the doll's signature outfit — tan dress over a striped long-sleeve shirt, red-and-white scarf tied in a bow, white tights and black Mary Janes — as she sports M3GAN's long, wavy blonde locks.

"M3GAN has taken over The Drew Barrymore Show!" the caption alongside the hilarious video reads.

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Not only did the film slay at the box office, grossing $30.4 million domestically on its opening weekend — but it became a viral sensation on social media, with posts tagged #M3GAN viewed approximately 300 million times on TikTok one month after the trailer was released.

Since its Jan. 6 premiere, Atomic Monster and Blumhouse's campy thriller has generated close to $125 million globally, while the demonic doll M3GAN herself — played by Donald and voiced by Jenna Davis — has become the star of more than just the PG-13-rated film and memes alike, with several talk-show cameos to date, too.

Last week, multiple outlets reported that a sequel to the film that centers on the killer artificial intelligent doll of the same name (short for Model 3 Generative Android) has been confirmed following the monstrous success of its first installment.

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As for Barrymore, she's no stranger to horror, having starred in films within the genre throughout her career like Firestarter (1984) and Scream (1996). She also played a lead role in the horror-comedy series Santa Clarita Diet, which ran for three seasons on Netflix, from 2017 to 2019.

The actress even reprised her role from Scream — Casey Becker, who is famously (and shockingly) killed off in the first scene — for a hilarious sketch on The Drew Barrymore Show back in October 2020, donning Casey's blonde bob hairdo and white sweater to play out a scenario in which she could have just not answered the Ghostface killer's phone call.

Barrymore also reunited with her original Scream costars Neve CampbellCourteney Cox and David Arquette to launch "Scream Week" on the show in January 2022, ahead of the release of the fifth film in the iconic slasher franchise.

Simply titled Scream, the latter movie featured voice cameos from both Barrymore and fellow legacy star Matthew Lillard.

M3GAN is in theaters.