Drew Barrymore gets candid about body image: 'I have stood in my closet and just cried'

Drew Barrymore, who’s in the middle of celebrating what she’s deemed Wellness Week, is getting brutally honest about her weight.

The 50 First Dates star revealed Wednesday on social media that her body often feels like a “rollercoaster” as she gains and loses weight. While she acknowledged that giving birth to her two daughters —Olive is now 7, while Frankie is 5 — she said it’s been tough at times.

“It is a true miracle I was able to have these two girls. So whatever the aftermath on my body, well bring it on!” she captioned photos of herself from when she was heavier and lighter. “That said, there have been times i have stood in my closet and just cried. Hated getting dressed. Didn’t feel good! It takes so much for me to look decent. I have to eat just right and Work my ass off! I cannot fight the fact that I have the propensity to be the Pillsbury dough boy!”

The actress advised others to avoid comparing themselves to the unrealistic examples they see in Hollywood.

“So DON’T Be fooled by what you see when people are thin right after baby. Don’t compare yourself to the magazines and the red carpets,” she said. “If I looked decent on anything I have done since I had my two kids, I have clawed my way there. You can too!”

A day earlier, Barrymore revealed that she’s shed 20 pounds by working with her longtime trainer, Marnie Alton. She said Alton was the one who helped her get into fighting shape before new seasons of her Netflix show Santa Clarita Diet, which wrapped up its third and final season last year.

Barrymore, who turns 45 on Feb. 22, said back in March 2018 that, while working on Santa Clarita Diet, she subscribed to what she called the “Denzel” method. She called it that because she heard that Denzel Washington simply “enjoys his life” until filming, and that’s the strategy she had adopted.

“When I’m doing the show, I’m a vegan and I barely eat anything, and I work out every day, and it’s so healthy,” she said on The Late Late Show With James Corden. “It gets to be euphoric, and then it’s like food poisoning, you feel like you’ll never eat again, and then before you know it, you’re pigging out with the feed bag strapped to your face. I’m a foodie, and love food and I travel the world for food, so I get heavy again between the show.”

The Flower Beauty mogul’s next project will probably include many more honest conversations with fans about her personal life. Her new daytime talk show, The Drew Barrymore Show, is expected to debut on CBS in the fall.

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