A Dream Setlist for Taylor Swift’s “The Eras Tour”

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As Swifties everywhere continue to spend time with Midnights, the tenth studio album from Taylor Swift, the artist herself is preparing to return to the road (grab tickets here).

Swift hasn’t toured since 2018, and the pandemic cancellation of her planned “Lover Fest” raised many questions for fans — would she return to the drawing board? Would she ever dedicate time on the road to homespun sister albums folklore and evermore?

The answer has arrived in “The Eras Tour,” a solution that will presumably allow for music from each of Swift’s albums to have their time to shine. Swift is the kind of artist with a catalogue so dense and so beloved in so many individual ways that if she were to pitch a six-hour set, people would be seated and ready for the entirety, but a tour through each album just might be the next best thing.

With that in mind, we’ve rounded up just a few of the songs we’d love to hear from Swift when “The Eras Tour” kicks off (with Paramore!) in Arizona in March 2023.

Editor’s Note: Head here for more details on how to purchase Taylor Swift’s “The Eras Tour” tickets. 

Taylor Swift (2006)

The album that started it all for so many Swifties holds up — “Our Song” is still, in fact, that song. When it comes to this era, other favorites have to include “Tim McGraw” and “Teardrops On My Guitar,” but can you imagine if she pulled out “Picture To Burn?” Pandemonium. Let’s lean into this all the way and bring a pickup truck and some hay bales onstage for this portion, too.

Fearless (2008)

Fearless returned to the spotlight with the release of Taylor’s Version in 2021. There might just be too many wonderfully nostalgic tracks on here to narrow it down, and a Fearless medley would be divine — “Fifteen” is too emotional on its own, but let that bleed into “Fearless,” “White Horse,” and a b-side favorite like “Hey Stephen” and the arena will still be thriving. “You Belong With Me” and “Love Story” are other essentials.

Speak Now (2010)

Similarly, Speak Now is home to some absolute favorites, but not all of the best or biggest songs from this time would make sense for an arena show. If we had to choose just one, let’s go with the perfectly nostalgic “Sparks Fly,” and maybe a tasteful ballgown.

Red (2012)

A decade out from Red, the impact of this album is crystal clear. The autumn favorite holds up as some of Swift’s best songwriting, and the renewed fervor around “All Too Well” promises a focus on that song in particular during this set of shows. While “22” will always be a jam, “Red” and “I Knew You Were Trouble” are the cathartic essentials an event of this size needs. Get ready to scream about being broken like a promise with tens of thousands of other fans, everyone.

1989 (2014)

Currently manifesting: set changes, red lip, and a phenomenal outfit. The pop joy of 1989 will make for a perfect return to form from Swift — while “Shake It Off” will most likely end up making an appearance, “Blank Space,” “Style,” and “Wildest Dreams” are all strong contenders, too. After “Wildest Dreams” had its own TikTok viral era, it would be fun to return to this song with a demographic who has a new love for the track.

reputation (2017)

Swift’s reputation tour was a massive event of its own. When this era sustained such a huge scale of shows on its own, trimming it down to just a portion of the concert is a challenge. “Look What You Made Me Do” feels essential, but it wouldn’t be too surprising to see “…Ready For it?” and “Delicate” on the final setlist, either.

Lover (2019)

Say it with me: justice for “Cruel Summer!” The single that never was deserves its own time in the sun and then some. This is truly the most important cut from this album when it comes to live demands, but Lover marks the start of songs in Swift’s canon that have never been played on tour before. The title track remains one of her best songs, and while “Paper Rings” would get the people moving, imagine how lovely a stage setup for “Cornelia Street” could be.

folklore and evermore (2020)

If we had to guess, it’s very likely that Swift would pull from folklore and evermore indiscriminately. Considered “sister albums” to Swift, these two indie-leaning collections offer some of her very best work packaged in a more stripped-down sound. Fan-favorite “august” would be such a treat, as would “betty,” “gold rush,” or the shimmering “willow.” It’s likely that Swift would pull “cardigan” from this time, too, but don’t forget “ivy.”

Midnights (2022)

While Swift’s latest could justify a tour of its own, it’s just about guaranteed that of any of the songs, “Anti-Hero” is a sure thing. TikTok has already predicted the lights going out and the audio that kicks off “Lavender Haze,” Swift saying “Meet me at midnight,” to be the beginning of the set; “Bejeweled” feels like a no-brainer, but “Vigilante Shit” would be a fun surprise.

Grab tickets to see Taylor Swift on tour via Ticketmaster.

A Dream Setlist for Taylor Swift’s “The Eras Tour”
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