A Dream Setlist for BLACKPINK’s “BORN PINK” World Tour

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As if news of a long-awaited sophomore album wasn’t enough, BLACKPINK are also set to embark on a massive (and massively hyped) world tour. The “BORN PINK” tour will celebrate the album of the same name, and the new era for BLINKs will officially begin with the release of lead single “PINK VENOM” on August 19th. Finally, BLACKPINK will be back in our area.

BLACKPINK are one of the most successful girl groups in K-pop history — their last tour, the “In Your Area World Tour,” remains the highest-grossing tour by a Korean girl group — and the “BORN PINK” tour is set to raise the bar. Dubbed the “largest world tour in the history of a K-pop girl group,” the trek features dates in North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand, and the tour poster promises more cities yet to be announced.

While BORN PINK will surely contain some new bops, we’ve started assembling our dream setlist from BLACKPINK’s discography in the meantime. Check it out below.

1. “How You Like That”

It’s simply a bop for the ages. Plus, picture this: the lights finally go down. The lightsticks are glowing. Lisa says, “BLACKPINK in your area,” and then they are. Add in a the beat drop before Jennie kicks off the song and it’s a recipe for a truly killer opener.

2. “Kill This Love”

The title track to BLACKPINK’s 2019 EP is an absolute must at any concert. That marching band intro should quite honestly have Vecna shaking to this day. Manifesting it now — let’s hope BLACKPINK brings along a live band, including a horn section, for this tour.


A queen to this day, “DDU-DU DDU-DU” is the fastest song by a K-pop group to reach a billion views on YouTube, and it remains the most-watched music video by a K-pop group on YouTube, sitting at almost 2 billion views (!) as of press time. A song so enormous and critical to BLACKPINK’s global trajectory is due for shine once again; meanwhile, we’ll be revisiting the Coachella performance of the hit.

4. “Pretty Savage”

When BLACKPINK performed this one at their 2021 livestream show, the beat drop towards the end was soul-shifting, a cultural reset, the absolute moment. Let’s bring that energy into a show with an audience this time.

5. “Lovesick Girls”

While so much of BLACKPINK’s best jams sit in a space with more hip-hop influences, “Lovesick Girls” is just great pop fun. This song always provides a much-needed burst of energy, and it’s hard to imagine a BLACKPINK concert being complete without a euphoric dance party with this song as the backdrop.


One of the earlier tracks from BLACKPINK’s discography, “BOOMBAYAH” still hits. BLACKPINK excel with songs that find a catchy hook and refuse to let it go, and “BOOMBAYAH” is a perfect example.

7. “Ice Cream” with Selena Gomez

The group’s first song to crack the top 20 on the Billboard Hot 100, “Ice Cream” is so good, so sweet, and still good enough to eat. The final version featured Selena Gomez, but Ariana Grande also received a writing credit on this song — in other words, it was made for an enormous audience.

8. “Sour Candy” with Lady Gaga

Gaga herself has been including this one in the setlist for the “Chromatica Ball” — it only makes sense for the ladies of BLACKPINK to return the favor. It’s likely that Gaga would be down to record some bonkers visual accompaniment to play onscreen for her portion of the collaboration.

9. “As If It’s Your Last”

“As If It’s Your Last” features one of the best choruses in the BLACKPINK canon, no question about it. A little bit of this, little bit of that, get ready to dance as if it’s your last.

10. “SOLO” – Jennie

BLACKPINK have never had the chance to share their solo stages in person with fans — what better track to kick off with than Jenny’s aptly-named “SOLO?” Again, while she had the chance to perform the song during BLACKPINK’s virtual 2021 concert, fans would be delighted to experience it up close.

11. “LALISA” and “MONEY” – Lisa

Lisa shook things up with her dual solo release at the end of 2021. “LALISA” and “MONEY” are both bops with some great choreography — the people want the poles onstage, Lisa!

12. “On the Ground” – Rosé

Rosé’s solo endeavor, “On the Ground,” broke records upon its release for a K-pop soloist. Created alongside long-time BLACKPINK collaborator Teddy Park, “On the Ground” would thrive with some reimagined 2022 choreography — while the original (which features Rosé quite literally on the ground) was perfect for the virtual concert age, it might not work quite as well with an in-person audience.

12. A Solo for Jisoo?

While Jisoo has yet to release a solo track, it’s not too late for an original release! The tour doesn’t begin until October 15th with a kickoff in Seoul, which means there’s still a few months for Jisoo to surprise us with a solo. If not, she’s sure to slay with another cover if the members do in fact embark on solo stages.


It would only be right for the group to end with one of the songs that started it all. “WHISTLE” launched BLACKPINK into the public eye in 2016, and when the group appeared on one of South Korea’s music shows (Inkigayo), “WHISTLE” earned them a first-place trophy a week after its release, making BLACKPINK the fastest girl group to achieve this feat.

A Dream Setlist for BLACKPINK’s “BORN PINK” World Tour
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