Get A Dream Booty With This Hyper Customized Personal Training Company

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NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / February 4, 2020 / It's the year of the rear and for sure you want a stronger, more lifted and fuller butt. However, just like most women who want to start defining those buns, doing those much needed squats, and trying to eat slightly more carefully, they end up spending more time researching, downloading useless fitness apps, buying healthy groceries than actually doing it.

For some, there's almost always a good reason not to go to the gym. But getting that booty right and tight is a science and a huge commitment, so to make it easier and to keep you on your goal for the rest of the year, The Glute Recruit® exists to keep you going.

Located in Scarsdale, New York, The Glute Recruit® or TGR® is an upcoming hyper customized personal training company that works with women worldwide to achieve their fitness goals with a specialty in naturally shaping and lifting women's butts through their proven glute-sculpting exercise method. Every training session is uniquely designed according to their clients' goals. TGR® is not only helping clients to have better developed and more fuller butts but also ensures it impacts their overall health and improve how they move. In fact, strong glutes produce mobile hips, a stable core, better posture and a decreased risk of knee and back pain. Research indicates that there has been a surge in knee and back pain in addition to other ailments like cardiovascular disease and the pros are saying it's due to the increased sitting epidemic. Sitting for extensive periods of time can not only flatten your butt and atrophy those muscles, but can also decrease the speed of your metabolism and contribute to loneliness or depression.

The TGR® team consists of Certified Personal Trainers who has worked with some of Westchester County's local celebrities such as MSNBC and NBC Legal Analyst Mimi Rocah and country singer and song writer Jessica Lynn to ensure they look their best on and off camera. Their team of Certified Personal Trainers specifically work with women (because let's keep it real, a woman knows a woman's body).

They also recently launched a training app for iOS and Android in which clients have access to their exclusive customized video workout programs created by their team of certified tenured trainers. Clients also have access to their assigned trainer via messenger for instant workout/nutrition advice and tips. That's enough to make it one of the most powerful apps on anyone's phone and could easily become a favorite.

In addition to personal training, CEO and Founder, Jessica Mazzucco has created a home gym development company in which the TGR® team helps clients to design or renovate their home gyms. Their team does all of the work for the client including layout design of home gym, gym equipment purchase and oversight of delivery and installation. The TGR® team will even work with the client to develop custom workouts using the equipment within their new home gym.

Jess Mazzucco is a Certified Personal Trainer with over eight years of personal training and commercial gym experience. She started her journey in fitness when she was completing her studies at the State University of Plattsburgh. Jess looks back at how TGR® came to be. She recalls constantly feeling insecure for her excessive weight gain. She would always feel like she doesn't belong and later on realized she needed to do something. Jess then worked with a friend that was studying to become a personal trainer. She committed to turn her life around and focused on bettering her nutrition and doing workouts customized to her body.

After three months of working with her personal trainer and drastically changing her eating habits, Jess lost a life changing 25 lbs. It was that moment in which she fell in love with fitness. While completing her Master's Degree in Social Work at Adelphi University, Jess competed in two bikini physique competitions. She placed Top 10 in her first competition with the WBFF or World Beauty Fitness and Fashion and later on topped her second competition with NPC or National Physique Committee. She then knew that she wanted to combine her passion for exercise and helping others achieve their goals. Jess left the social work field to pursue a career in personal training. She worked in the commercial gym industry for 6 years until opening her own full time personal training business, The Glute Recruit®.

Jess primarily works with her clients in Scarsdale, NY in both one-on-one and group settings. Within less than a year of opening, the company is now in the process of hiring trainers throughout Westchester County and New York City.

Jess is now known as the Butt Guru of Westchester County and has created signature exercise programs that help women to enhance their assets through a science based sequence of different exercises. There is no other personal trainer in Westchester County that offers these services including home gym design and development. Their services doesn't just end there, TGR® also have a niche in working with brides where they give them a schedule of workouts and customize their exercise programs according to their dresses for the entire journey to the altar - from the engagement party to the bachelorette party to the wedding day!

While getting to the gym has been one of the great insurmountable challenges to get that dream booty, TGR® makes it more enjoyable. And anything that makes it more enjoyable is worth investing in.

Are you ready to step into the challenge and work on that dream body and booty? Get started at and follow them on instagram @thegluterecruit You can contact Jessica via email or call (845) 764-7757

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