Drake Sued by Female Fan For Sustaining Serious Brain Injury at His New York Concert

Drake is being dragged into a new lawsuit filed by a female fan injured at one of his shows, and she is blaming the rapper for having a history.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, A woman named Amanda Giovacco filed suit against Drake (real name: Aubrey Graham), The Madison Square Garden, an employee named Joseph Picco and Live Nation Worldwide.

Giovacco attended Drake’s concert at Madison Square on August 8, 2016.

She claims while at the concert the crowd was “rowdy” and says she “was violently struck by a beer bottle that was thrown while attending the DRAKE concert, was maliciously and without just cause or provocation, subjected to a battery.”

Giovacco accuses Drake, the venue and employees of negligence and failing to properly make sure people weren’t overserved liquor, and failing to put the drinks into plastic cups instead of bottles.

She blames Drake and other defendants for failing to prevent, “aggressive and/or violent behavior at the concert, they knew drake has history of violence at his concerts, providing a dangerous weapon at Drake’s concerts."

She accuses the defendants of allowing the venue to be overcrowded, serving excessive amounts of alcohol, failing to “provide monitoring and surveillance of the premises during the concert so as to prevent aggressive behavior from escalating.”

The woman says that she suffered serious personal injuries and sustained a traumatic brain injury and seizures. She claims it has prevented her from attending medical school.

The complaint adds, “plaintiff AMANDA GIOVACCO, became, still is, and for a longtime to come, will be sick, sore, lame, bruised, injured, disabled and wounded in about the various parts of her head, limbs, body, blood vessels and surrounding tissues, and has suffered severe and extreme mental shock, anguish and psychic injuries, and that plaintiff was otherwise injured, and upon information and belief, said injuries are permanent. That by reason of the foregoing the plaintiff was obligated to and did necessarily employ medical aid, hospital services, medicinal and medical supplies in an attempt to cure the aforesaid injuries, and has been prevented from her usual duties and will be so prevented for a long time to come.”

She is suing seeking unspecified damages for her alleged injuries and medical damages.