Drake Praises Young Nigerian Artist Hyzah Who Went Viral: 'U Are Amazing'

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Image via Getty/Leon Bennett/WireImage

The pandemic has brought the world to a halt but hasn't stopped the "Drake Stimulus Package" from blessing artists.

On Saturday, a video of a talented Nigerian artist named Hyzah freestyling on a street in Lagos started to go viral. The video of the singer making a song with a speaker happened across Drake's desk, forcing the 6 God to send his praises.

"Just yesterday i had only 2 followers only to wake up this morning to see Drake @champagnepapi following me," Hyzah captioned a screenshot proving that Drake follows him on Instagram. "Thanks for the love & repost!! You guys are amazing!!."

Drizzy's support didn't stop with just a follow. The icon also sent Hyzah a direct message to let him know personally how he feels about his artistry.

"U are amazing," Drake said to the singer.

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