Drake Is 'Soft Like Tissue,' NASCAR Great Mark Martin Says

NASCAR legend Mark Martin slams Drake in Twitter post.

It turns out rappers aren’t the only ones who think Drake is soft. Even NASCAR legends consider his lint-rolling ways rather peculiar.

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Take former driver Mark Martin, who was inducted into the Motorsports Hall of Fame this year. He’s long been a rap music connoisseur, and while he was once embarrassed about his love for the genre, he’s quickly learned to embrace his oddity in the NASCAR world by wearing it “like a badge of honor.” He no longer pulls punches when declaring where his rap loyalties lie – look no further than his Twitter bio – but Gucci Mane being incarcerated has kind of stunted his growth when it comes to broadening his musical horizons.

After all, now that Martin is retired, making race-day bets with 50 Cent is no longer an option.

So instead of waiting for the day that Mane drops hot fire again, a fan on Twitter suggested Martin give another rapper a chance at taking over his top spot, nominating Drake over the likes of Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole. It makes sense, too, seeing as Drake just continues to knock musical greats off the charts. Martin has clearly heard enough from Drizzy to form an opinion, though, because he responded in way that would make Kobe Bryant proud.

Between Martin calling him out and SNL’s skit comparing him to a dad, it’s probably safe to assume that we’ve seen the last of Drake’s dance moves.