Dr. Suzanne Quardt's Husband Wants Mario Lopez's Hair in All-New Dr. 90210 Sneak Peek

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Can Dr. Q give her husband hair like Mario Lopez's?

In this clip from Monday, Oct. 12's all-new episode of Dr. 90210, Dr. Suzanne Quardt proposes hair treatment options to her husband Rick, who is dissatisfied with his current locks. As Dr. Q details in a confessional, Rick is a "stay at home dad," which she appreciates since "it's not easy being married to a doctor."

"One of the things my husband likes to joke and say is, 'Behind every successful woman is a secure man,'" Dr. Q shares with the Dr. 90210 camera. "Sometimes, he'll get funny looks from other moms."

Although Rick is often grilled about his career choice from other people, Dr. Q makes it clear that her husband is "secure in himself and his manhood."

She adds, "He never lets that get to him."

The thing that does get to Rick? His thinning hair.

Rick quips to his wife, "Every time we put on Extra and I see Mario Lopez's hair, I get hair envy right there."

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Dr. Q responds with a laugh, "Mario Lopez got great hair, that's for sure."

To the Dr. 90210 camera, Dr. Q reveals that her husband used to have romance novel-like hair.

"One of the things I loved about Rick when I first met him was this dark, flowing, gorgeous locks of hair he had," she states. "He honestly looked like the cover of a romance novel. But then, his hair is just getting thinner and thinner."

While chatting with his wife, Rick notes that grafts haven't worked and that he's contemplated shaving his hair, a choice Dr. Q doesn't support.

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Dr. Q remarks later on, "I met him with long flowing hair, I just can't see him with no hair."

Per Rick, he's "tried everything" to cure his hair loss.

"From the pills to hair grafts to Propecia to hair tonics, every shampoos, and nothing's worked," he laments.

However, Dr. Q has one last idea to combat Rick's thinning hair.

Dr. Suzanne Quardt, Dr. 90210 103
Dr. Suzanne Quardt, Dr. 90210 103

"I think you're a great candidate to get the stem cells combined with the PRP," Dr. Q explains to Rick. "'Cause, that works much better than just PRP alone."

Although Rick is open to trying this treatment, he reveals he'll shave his head if it doesn't work.

Will Rick get his luscious locks back? For that answer, catch Monday's all-new Dr. 90210.