Dr. Robert S. Shumake Wins Injunction, Successfully Defends Title of World Chairman International Human Rights Commission (IHRC)

DETROIT, MI / ACCESSWIRE / October 10, 2019 / Dr. Robert S. Shumake, Chairman of the International Human Rights Commission (IHRC), has won a legal injunction against another entity posing as the legitimate IHRC. Dr. Shumake was battling against misrepresentation, and his legal team led by lawyer Quasir Jan have successfully defended the case.

Dr. Shumake, the legal World Chairman of IHRC, won his legitimate right to be known as such, against the many lies that were being spread by an organization which was only present online and nowhere else. The IHRC was founded in 1988 to protect the human rights of people globally. Dr. Shumake took the Post of world Chairman in February 2019.

"He is the legal chairman of the IHRC. I'm glad the courts were able to deliver a verdict in his favor. Now Mr. Shumake can continue the good work he does in the United States and the world without the negative statements pushed about him," said lawyer Quasir Jan.

Post the win, Dr. Shumake will continue to perform his role as an acting Chairman of the IHRC around the world without any interruptions. IHRC is headquartered in Pakistan, and will be petitioning Google and other internet providers to return the IHRC copyright to the true owner and update the facts.

Dr. Robert Shumake's areas of focus on becoming President were to promote the mission, gather resources and funds, and assist displaced people currently housed in relief camps. The IHRC also focuses on victims and activists to eliminate discrimination defend political freedom and protect people from inhumane conduct during wartime.

Apart from being the World Chairman of the IHRC, Dr. Robert S. Shumake is also a global private equity investor and real estate developer. He is the CEO of Shumake Global Partners, L3C, active in technology, real estate, gaming, energy, healthcare, and finance. Dr. Shumake is a past honorary consul to Botswana and Tanzania.

Recently, led by Dr. Robert S. Shumake, IHRC is currently raising funds for water projects in Kenya. Some other initiatives of Dr. Robert Shumake as well as his family include The Robert S. Shumake Scholarships Relays, The Shumake Family and Friends Foundation (granted over 200 college scholarships), and The Shumake Legacy Academy, which educates over 3,000 HIV infected orphans in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Dr. Shumake is the author of two books, ‘Climbing your Inner Mountain' and ‘For Entrepreneurs who Considered Suicide when Business Got Tough.'

The International Human Rights Commission (IHRC) organizes relief activities and assistance programs via its organ, the IHRC Relief Fund Trust, which holds a Consultative Status from the United Nations ECOSOC. IHRC is also a permanent observer accredited member of the United Nations Environmental Program, based upon the work in Kenya and other parts of the world relating to its clean water projects.


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