Dr. Phil Reunites Woman With Her Three Cow ‘Babies’ At Austin Farm Sanctuary

Wanda says she was raising three cows that she rescued and referred to as her “babies” when she found herself homeless. So, she says, she made a tough decision to give them a better life. She enlisted the help of Austin Farm Sanctuary to take the cows and care for them. TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Hopelessly in need of Dr. Phil's Help? Austin Farm Sanctuary is a non-profit animal rescue and home to over 65 animals. They are featured in Dr. Phil and Richard Linklater’s new 10-episode documentary series, That Animal Rescue Show, that explores the relationship between animals and humans. Dr. Phil says when he heard Wanda’s story, he wanted to meet her – and figure out a way to reunite her with her “babies.” See what happens in the video above, and learn more about Austin Farm Sanctuary. WATCH: How Safe In Austin Rescue Animals Help Abused And Special Needs Children Heal That Animal Rescue Show premieres on CBS All Access on October 29. On Wednesday’s episode of Dr. Phil, see more of the incredible stories featured on That Animal Rescue Show. Check here to see where you can watch. TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Are you involved in a story making headlines?