Dr. Phil Introduces His Virtual Reality Tool To Help Addicts In Recovery Transition From Rehab To The Real World

Dr. Phil introduces Dr. Phil’s Path to Recovery - a new virtual reality tool he created to help addicts in recovery.

There’s a new tool available to help addicts in recovery make the difficult transition from rehab to the real world; and it just so happens to be created by and feature Dr. Phil.

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Dr. Phil’s Path to Recovery is a new virtual reality recovery reinforcement tool. The 3D video tool depicts various scenarios that are common triggers for newly sober individuals reentering the world outside of rehab. Each scenario features a distinctive experience with a virtual Dr. Phil leading the way.

“Because I want to be there – I want to be in their head,” says Dr. Phil. “And it’s me training these folks on how to handle these high-risk situations on discharge.”

See a preview of how Dr. Phil’s supplemental strategy for drug and alcohol rehabilitation works in the video above. Learn more about Dr. Phil’s Path to Recovery and where the program is currently being used at drphil.rehab.

Dr. Phil’s Path to Recovery was created with inpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities in mind.

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