‘Dr. Phil’ Exclusive Digital Content: Should Transgender Women Be Allowed To Compete In Women’s Sports?

Should an athlete assigned male at birth but who has transitioned to female be allowed to compete in women’s sports? Riley Gains, a female swimmer who tied for fifth place with transgender athlete Lia Thomas at an NCAA swimming competition, says allowing transgender women to compete against biological women is unfair. Layne Ingram, a transgender activist and basketball coach, says trans athletes should be allowed to compete as long as they follow the rules and guidelines. And, Dr. Carole Hooven, who has been researching sex differences and testosterone in humans for over 20 years, says there is no evidence to support claims that the physical advantages of being biologically male are lost when a transgender woman takes testosterone blockers. Watch more from this discussion in the digital exclusive above, then tune in to Friday’s episode of Dr. Phil, “Transgender Athletes,” Check your local listing for airtimes. WATCH: Female All-American Swimmer Claims Race Against Transgender Athlete Wasn’t Fair TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Strong opinion you want to share?