Dr. Oz's Old Poop Tweets Come Back To Haunt His Senate Campaign

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Things are getting really crappy for Dr. Mehmet Oz’s Pennsylvania campaign for U.S. Senate ― literally.

That’s because while the former TV celebrity doctor updated his Twitter page to reflect his candidacy, he didn’t wipe his account of his old tweets ― not even the ones about poop.

That means poop tweets from nearly a decade ago are being seen in a whole new context ― one that Oz probably never intended, like this one from 2013:

Oz’s Democratic opponent John Fetterman, of course, gave Oz crap for at least one of the old poop tweets.

People on Twitter flushed out more old Oz tweets that he probably wishes had been scrubbed by his social media team.

Other Oz tweets that weren’t poop-oriented are proving just as weird in light of the Senate campaign.

The poop tweets were just another campaign misstep for Oz, who has faced a storm of mockery since announcing his campaign.

Oz has been bashed for being a New Jersey carpetbagger and was recently trolled for being out of touch with ordinary Pennsylvanians after releasing a video lamenting the high price of crudité.

Although Donald Trump reportedly now regrets endorsing Oz, one person on Twitter jokingly suggested the poop tweets are just what the country needs.

This article originally appeared on HuffPost and has been updated.