‘Not a difficult thing to do;’ Police warn Kia, Hyundai owners of uptick in car thefts

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During a press conference Tuesday Dayton Police Department provided an update on the increase of car thefts in the city, as well as how to protect yourself.

Major Jason Hall, commander of patrol operation division confirmed that department has seen an significant uptick in car thefts, especially of 2011 or newer Kia vehicles and 2015 or newer Hyundai vehicles with physical keys.

Hall said this is due to a manufacturing issue that makes them especially vulnerable. He also mentioned videos circulating on social media that allegedly shows people how to exploit these issues to steal the cars.

He said that thieves do not need advance technological knowledge to get into these cars and that “it’s not a difficult thing to do.”

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“People who are bent on taking other people’s property, they will find new ways to do it,” Hall said.

Hall said manufactures of these cars are aware of the vulnerability and he isn’t aware of an easy “fix” to the problem.

Hall strongly suggests third party anti-theft products such as immobilizers that lock steering wheels or the pedals of your car.

While police cannot always predict crimes, Hall said they can educate the public on trends and how to protect themselves. He said DPD also are working on a response to the recent thefts, but did not provide additional details.

As far as police know the cars are being stolen for transportation as well as to be sold for parts.

Hall provided these additional suggestions to help keep you car safe:

  • Lock doors & take your keys

  • Don’t leave a spare key in vehicle

  • Close windows

  • Park in well-lit areas

  • Install alarm system & anti-theft device

  • Install vehicle immobilizer system &/or tracking system