Don't Worry, the Daniels Aren't Being Subsumed by Star Wars

I love my goofy dads.
I love my goofy dads.

Taking to social media to assuage concerns and quash rumors, Oscar winner Daniel Kwan (one part of the Daniels, alongside Daniel Scheiner) posted on an Instagram story that the Daniels were only directing one episode of upcoming Star Wars Disney+ series Skeleton Crew... and that it had, in fact, already happened.

Star Wars, notorious for keeping a lot of details under wraps until the very last second, had obviously kept the list of directors away from the public. While the news announcement came right on the heels of the Daniels’ Oscar win, Everything Everywhere All at Once had very little impact on the Daniels’ Star Wars gig.

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Kwan states on his story that Jon Watts approached him to do an episode and the Daniels eagerly said yes, because they “love Star Wars, love learning new tech, we love meeting new cast and crew, and we needed the days to keep our healthcare.” The post ends, assuring folks that his next film “will be an original Daniels project, so you can stop worrying (and stop bothering me about it).”

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