Donnie Wahlberg surprised a Wahlburgers employee with a generous gift

On the latest Wahlburgers, Donnie Wahlberg was hoping to reopen the Wahlburgers in Coney Island, which was forced to close in September 2017. While there, he met up with former kitchen manager Nelcia Young, who was at the store from the moment it opened and stayed there until the bitter end. After the closure, Young found herself looking for a new job and selling homemade cakes to get by. Young was more than happy to be part of the reopening process, and Wahlberg had plans to reward the dedicated employee for hanging tough. But he first wanted to apologize for what she went through.

“I want you to know, on behalf of us, that we’re not happy with what happened,” Wahlberg said. “You should never have had to go into your pocket. You should never have had to even look for another job. Paul, Mark, me, my mom, anyone in my family would be mortified to know that.”

Then Wahlberg made a very generous offer. “With everything you did, and all the sacrifices you made financially, personally, emotionally, I want to make sure you are safe here,” he said. “So I want to take care of your rent for the next six months. …”

The only thing the emotional Young could do was say “thank you.” Later, speaking directly to the camera, she said, “It’s such a relief that I don’t have to struggle. I feel so happy. I can go to sleep tonight and say, ‘Yes, everything’s gonna be all right when I wake up tomorrow morning.’”

The Coney Island Wahlburgers store reopened earlier this summer.

Wahlburgers airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on A&E.

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