Donkey walks into bar, enjoys head scratch against the counter

While enjoying a drink in a local bar, we were totally surprised by the sight of a donkey walking into the bar as if it owned the place. Immediately one of the many ‘donkey in the bar’ jokes came to mind. The only difference here was that there were no jokes to be told, only smiles and laughter, amazed by the real deal playing off in front of us. It was hilarious to see how casual this donkey went about his business in the bar. It was during our last road trip, just before the national lockdown was enforced in South Africa, that we decided to stop at a sports bar located next to a main road, on our way to the Kruger National Park. The sports bar was located on a farm, making for a relaxing environment in nature. We settled down and ordered a drink and lunch. It was not long before we were stunned by the appearance of a donkey. The donkey casually walked in as if it owned the place. It was hilarious to see the donkey stopping next to a counter in the bar and starting to scratch its neck and head against it. None of the people that worked there seemed to be bothered by the donkey just strolling into the pub. Outside the bar were another three donkeys standing. One donkey was braying loudly from the outside, adding to the bizarre atmosphere we experienced in this sports pub. After a good scratch against the counter, the donkey rested his head on the counter for some time, looking very relaxed with its actions in the middle of the public space. After resting his head on the counter, the donkey slowly strolled out again to meet up with the other donkeys. This was definitely one of our most bizarre and funny experiences in a long time. The quick lunch-stop definitely turned out to be a memorable experience for obvious reasons.