Donald Trump would be welcome in this undocumented immigrant’s restaurant

On Full Frontal With Samantha Bee, an undocumented immigrant and owner of South Philly Barbacoa, Cristina Martinez, showed impressive courage in speaking on camera in light of the countless raids by Immigration and Customs Enforcement on undocumented immigrants under the Trump administration. Not only that: Despite President Trump’s well-documented feelings toward such immigrants (he doesn’t like them), Martinez said she would be happy to have him at her bustling restaurant.

“If Donald Trump comes here, he is welcome,” Martinez said to a shocked Bee. Her reason for extending such courtesy to a man who would surely not do the same for her? “Because he is a human being,” Martinez said.

Given their recent negative experiences at restaurants, Trump administration officials Kirstjen Nielsen, Stephen Miller, and Sarah Sanders might also want to give it a shot — because they’re human beings too. Unfortunately, many undocumented restaurant workers aren’t treated with the same respect. Bee sat down with three, who were not willing to show their faces on camera.

“There were two of us doing the work of five people, but we weren’t paid more,” one woman said. The man said, “It’s scary to talk to your boss, because when you want to defend yourself, they look for ways to fire you.” The other woman said, “They made me do jobs like unclog the toilet. I said, ‘But that’s not my job. I’m cooking. You pay me to cook.’”

Bee had another immigrant on the show, Padma Lakshmi of Top Chef, who explained why immigrant labor is so important to the food industry. “I think the food landscape in this country would be completely different without immigrant labor,” Lakshmi said. Asked why, she said, “Because they don’t want to cause trouble. They will do the grunt work that nobody else is willing to do.” “Everybody has the right to be treated in a dignified manner,” she added later. “Immigrants are people too. We just want to work hard. We just want the same thing for our children that anyone else wants for theirs.”

Bee made sure to point out to those who feel the same way Trump does that nearly everything they eat at home or in a restaurant is handled by an undocumented immigrant at some point.

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