President Trump vows to 'go after Horseface' Stormy Daniels and lawyer Michael Avenatti in controversial tweet: Here's their response

President Trump took a victory lap on Twitter on Tuesday after a federal judge dismissed Stormy Daniels‘s defamation lawsuit against him. The president tweeted he intends to “go after” Daniels — whom he dubbed “Horseface” — and her “3rd rate lawyer,” Michael Avenatti, for his legal fees.

Donald Trump, Stormy Daniels, and Michael Avenatti. (Photo: Getty Images)
Donald Trump, Stormy Daniels, and Michael Avenatti. (Photo: Getty Images)

Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, fired back at Trump, calling out his “shortcomings” (again), tweeting “he has demonstrated his incompetence, hatred of women and lack of self control” on social media.

Avenatti chimed in too, calling the president “a disgusting misogynist and an embarrassment to the United States.”

The lawyer also issued an official statement in response to Trump’s controversial tweet and threat to “go after” them in a Texas court.

In April, the adult film star sued Trump after he tweeted that a composite sketch of a man she claimed threatened her in 2011 to keep quiet about their alleged 2006 affair was a “con job.”

U.S. District Judge S. James Otero ruled on Monday that Trump’s statement was protected speech under the First Amendment.

“If this Court were to prevent Mr. Trump from engaging in this type of ‘rhetorical hyperbole’ against a political adversary, it would significantly hamper the office of the President,” Otero wrote. “Any strongly worded response by a president to another politician or public figure could constitute an action for defamation. This would deprive this country of the ‘discourse’ common to the political process.”

Avenatti stated he intends to appeal the decision.

Trump’s tweet slamming Daniels’s physical appearance elicited many reactions on Twitter with “#horseface” trending Tuesday morning.

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