Donald Trump: #TrumpIsNotWell Trends On X, He ‘Needs A Psychiatric Evaluation’

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Social media users are slamming former President Donald Trump, with many claiming he "needs a psychiatric evaluation."

The comments have been large enough in volume that #TrumpIsNotWell is trending on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter, with various video clips from recent interviews the former President has conducted.

#TrumpIsNotWell Trends On X

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One social media user shared a video of Trump's interview with FOX News, where the former President argued with Bret Baier about the 2020 Presidential Election results.

"Every single delusion of this sick man has been investigated and debunked. He is a danger to himself and all of us. He needs a psychiatric evaluation and, subsequent to that, medication or institutionalization. #TrumpIsNotWell #DementiaDon."

Another simply said "He needs to seek professional help. #TrumpIsNotWell."

One user shared a different interview with Donald Trump, again with FOX News, but this time he mistakenly referred to Alaska as "Amaska."

"Where the h-ll is Amaska?" the user wrote alongside the clip.

Many users had fun with this post, as one user replied, "Can't cheat in Amaska, all those Eskromas can't hide votes under their Hula skirts."

Another wrote, "Somewhere between Alaska & America!"

Donald Trump Slammed For Recent Interviews

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The two video clips went viral as many users are claiming their concerns for the former President, especially with the big election coming up.

One user said, "vote for the guy with 81 years of experience behind him than the one with 91 felony charges in front of him." They were referring to current President Joe Biden, who is expected to run against Trump in the upcoming Presidential election.

A second interview clip made its rounds on X as the President had trouble pronouncing "evangelical."

"How hard can it be to say 'evangelical'," they wrote alongside the video of the President seemingly stumbling over his words.

But the videos did not stop there as one user shared a clip of the former President speaking at the podium, pointing out "A confused Trump is, once again, taking credit for veterans legislation passed by Obama."

Bottom line, this is shaping up to be a very nasty Presidental race.