Donald Trump Trolls President Joe Biden With Elder Care Facility Video

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Donald Trump has continued to troll President Joe Biden for his age. 

In his latest attempt, the businessman released an eleven-second clip that featured Biden supposedly making his way toward an establishment that turned out to be a retirement home for seniors.

Donald Trump Doubles Down On Joe Biden Being Too Old To Run For Office

In a jab at Biden's age, Donald issued a video comprising an advertisement for an elderly care facility called Visiting Angels Living Assistance Services.

The clip opened up with a view of the current U.S. president gingerly walking on what appeared to be a field with a woman by his side before disappearing into the distance.

The reel, set to the voice of a woman praising Visiting Angels as "America's choice of home care" in the background, wrapped up with a look at the seniors' home.

In the hours since Trump's way of suggesting that his opposition drop out of the upcoming 2024 elections and move into the facility dropped, it has earned over 5.7 million views.

In fact, numerous Instagram users have also reacted to the post, with many praising the media personality for his comedic style.

One viewer quipped, "Best part is Biden wouldn't even know he's going there," as another claimed, "People can say whatever they want about you, but you have the best roasts of all time," and a third added, "Haters will say this is fake."

While a fourth Instagram user dubbed Trump an "absolute savage," a fifth noted, "Has to have the best social media team in the game. But honestly may also just be him," and a sixth shared lengthily:

"Lol, you are cold for that one!!! Glad you have a sense of humor! As a society, we must take care of our elders, and cherish them. They paved the way. I worked at an Alzheimer's home in high school in the dietary department! The patients can't help melt your heart."

Even though it has gained traction online, this was not Trump's first attempt at trolling Biden. During his speech at the California Republican Party convention last year, the 77-year-old mocked the Democrat's frequent blunders and mishaps on stage. 

Trump even went as far as imitating Biden's awkward stage exits, pretending to be disoriented and unable to locate the stairs behind the podium. He spun around in circles, approached the wall, and threw his hands up in despair, eliciting laughter and cheers from the crowd.

He followed that act with a peculiar 30-second advertisement that showcased unflattering images of Biden, accompanied by a soft voiceover reminiscent of retirement living television commercials.

"Our vibrant facility offers delightful activities and outings, around-the-clock professional care, and exquisite housemade meals. White House senior living, where residents feel like presidents," the narrator said.

Donald Trump Rated The Worst U.S. President 

Donald Trump Is 'Totally Convinced' He Will Become Re-Elected

Despite the rousing applause he got for trolling his opponent, Trump was recently ranked as the worst president in the history of the U.S., per a poll conducted by historians affiliated with the American Political Science Association.

As The Blast reported, the poll was conducted by 154 presidential historians, with the nation's previous presidents getting graded on various qualities, including administrative skills, economic management, and moral authority.

That grading resulted in Trump receiving the lowest marks in most categories and a ranking as the "most polarizing president." In contrast, Biden was ranked 14th, while Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president of the country, was rated as the top president in the poll.

This marks the University of Pennsylvania graduate's second time on the list, with his previous appearance in 2018 earning him last at 44th. Trump's second time at the bottom came just after Judge Arthur Engoron agreed with New York Attorney General Letitia James' suggestion to slap him with a $355 million fine. 

Engoron also laid down more consequences, stopping "The Apprentice" star from holding top jobs in any New York companies for three years. On top of that, Trump and his crew cannot go after loans from New York banks during this time. 

Donald Trump had been embroiled in a fraud trial after the New York Attorney General's office sued him for allegedly exaggerating his assets in financial papers. The move also led to charges against his sons, Eric and Donald Jr.