Donald Trump Will Start His Own Social Media Service, Top Aide Says

Bruce Haring
·1 min read

Jason Miller told Fox News’ ​”Media Buzz” today that the former president will be back in two to three months with a new social media platform that will “completely redefine the game.”

Miller didn’t provide details, but Trump has hinted in the past on such plans. He was a prolific user of Twitter until he was dropped by the platform in January. Twitter claimed he was inciting violence after supporters invaded the Capitol building in Washington, DC.

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Trump’s return would likely galvanize a conservative movement that’s been fractured strict controls on other social media services and deplatforming by service providers. The former president has not stated what he plans to do in the future vis-a-vis politics, aside from saying that he was not done at one point.

If Trump manages to construct his own service, he will do it despite considerable obstacles in his path. The three largest cloud providers are Amazon, Microsoft, and Google, none of them likely hosts for a Trump platform.

Likewise, payment processors will probably be similarly reluctant. Stripe stopped its service to Trump’s campaign website and fundraising efforts, and Shopify took down online stores affiliated with him.

However, foreign service providers may have interest in supporting any Trump service.

A movement Trump himself started may also hamper him. Section 230 now protects website operators from lawsuits for the posts, videos and photos that others share on their services and content moderation.

There was a push to repeal that law, but it’s unclear whether a new Congress and administration would push for it.

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