Donald Trump Jr. & Kimberly Guilfoyle Aren't Welcome at the Republican Party Debate But That's Not Stopping Their Attendance

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The first Republican Party Debate for the 2024 presidential election is taking place on Wednesday night on Fox News, but there are two people the network reportedly doesn’t want in the audience. Donald Trump Jr. and Kimberly Guilfoyle are making their presence known even though they believe that Fox News asked them to stay away.

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Donald Trump is skipping the event, but his oldest son and his fiancée thought it would be a good opportunity to hog the spotlight with the post-debate media. Fox News doesn’t want them there and Guilfoyle is less than pleased. “I think, unfortunately, for a media company that I used to work for, you would expect better,” Guilfoyle complained to Newsmax on Tuesday. “But this is just really pathetic messaging,” she continued. “They’re just stepping out on themselves here. It’s backfiring spectacularly. It’s taking distraction away from the focus on the debate.”

She promised that she and Donald Jr. will be there live-streaming in the post-debate media room. “And I’d just like to see somebody try to stop Don Jr. and me from going someplace,” she threatened. What’s fascinating is that Fox News is spinning a much different story about the couple’s presence at the event. Debate co-moderator Bret Baier cleared up the rumors by explaining that the spin room is only for “candidates on the stage and their delegates.” Since Donald Trump has excused himself from the debate, there is no reason for Donald Jr. and Guilfoyle to be there. However, there is one loophole for them to get invited into the room.

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“And then if any media organization who’s in the spin room invites one of these surrogates, a Trump surrogate, they are welcome to come,” Baier added. “They have to get the invite from the media person in the room.” So it seems like Guilfoyle is making much ado about nothing — they need an invite for the post-debate media room, but nobody is going to kick them out of the audience at Wednesday’s event.

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