Donald Trump gets shaded on 'Big Brother' and viewers are divided

Kylie Mar
·Host & Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

Everyone's favorite roasting robot, Zingbot, returned to the Big Brother house Wednesday night and it wasn't just the houseguests who got roasted. Donald Trump was also not-so-subtly thrown into the mix.

"The scandals and fake news about my presidency forced me out of office," Zingbot told the houseguests. "Now I'm on the run. I have decided to hide out in the Big Brother house, and they will never find me."

As sirens went off in the house, a "Department of Zingland Security" officer entered yelling, "President Zingbot, you are under arrest. You're being charged with obstruction of justice, collusion with President Putin, and zings against humanity!" Zingbot was then taken outside to the backyard, where he was placed in prison while the houseguests played out the Power of Veto competition.

It was clear that Big Brother drew inspiration from Trump for "President Zingbot," and the shade had viewers divided on social media. Some viewers loved that President Zingbot was impeached for obstruction of justice and thought the whole thing was hilarious.

While others thought it was very distasteful on Big Brother's part.

Regardless, whichever side you're on, I think we can all agree — this squirrel trumped it all.

Big Brother airs Sundays and Wednesdays at 8 p.m. and Thursdays at 9 p.m. on CBS.

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