Donald Trump Endorses Glenn Jacobs (Kane) During Rally In Iowa

Glenn Jacobs Kane
Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images for Politicon
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Which pro wrestler turned Mayor did Donald Trump praise? That’s gotta be Kane!

Donald Trump held a rally in Indianola, Iowa, on Sunday. During the appearance, he took time to praise former WWE Superstar Kane, who is now known as Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs.

“Another man who’s a friend of mine. I’m not going to mess around with — he’s Knox County, Tennessee. Do you know Glenn Jacobs? Goes by the name of Kane. Kane! Kane! Where is Kane? Look at the size of this guy, man oh man, he’s all man. He’s all man,” Trump said.

“Kane, one of the great characters — how many [years did you do that?] How tall are you, 6’8”? And weigh what? 300-something? That’s not bad, I’m not that far away, either. [laughs] All I know is there’s a little acting involved, but when I see these guys, some of them, like The Undertaker, like [Glenn Jacobs], and they’re walking around the ring lifting a 300-pound guy over his shoulders like this [raises his arms above his head], it may be acting — and then he throws them into the seats — it’s pretty great,” he added. “He’s done a fantastic job as Mayor in Tennessee.”

‘You know it’s broken, right?’

During a panel at Steel City Comic Con, Kane (Glenn Jacobs) was asked what his favorite belt was in WWF/WWE. Jacobs joked that they are called titles, not belts, and “you will get in trouble if you don’t say titles to Vince.” He then explained why the Hardcore title was his favorite. This was due to an incident at the airport while he was champion.

“My favorite belt was the Hardcore Championship, and the reason is, one time I’m going through TSA security at the airport and I have the belt in my bag. Normally you would take it out so you could go through the metal detector and they’d pull it out,” he explained, “but I forgot and I left it in the bag. So the TSA agent opens my bag, looks at the Hardcore Title and then he looks at me and says, he’s serious, he says, ‘You know it’s broken, right?’ ‘Yeah, that’s kinda the point, dude.’”

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