Donald Trump Actually Signed A Page Of Positive Tweets About Himself For Tomi Lahren

Mike Walters

Donald Trump sent an autograph to one of his favorite pundits in air, Tomi Lahren, but it was actually done on a list someone had printed out for the President with positive tweets about himself.

Yes, this is a real thing.


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The Letter

Lahren shared a picture of the letter, she received from the White House, on Instagram with a simple message to the President, "Thank you @realDonaldTrump."

It's not shocking the President would send one of his public supporter's a nice letter with a an autograph signature, what IS shocking is that it's someone's job to find positive tweets about Trump and print it out to give it to him.

Reactions to President Trump's Rally In Dallas, Texas

On the top of the list it reads, "Reactions to President Trump's Rally In Dallas, Texas."

Trump's message was spelled out in black marker, "Tomi....Thank you for wishes."

The sentence has an arrow that points to a positive reaction, Tomi had tweeted out, and of course his signature autograph.

Love Connection?

As for the other positive tweets on the list, 'Love Connection' host Chuck Wollery made the list, saying, "Trump in Dallas, TX A great speech and rally.

Presidential Seal

Another read, "Ties the media/left's Russia hoax, smearing Kavanaugh, and current impeachment effort together -- saying the target of these efforts is not even Trump or the Republican Party it is the electorate in general.

The letter seems to have been mailed or given to the Fox commentator in a sealed Presidential envelope.

Twitter Goes Nuts!

Twitter is going wild over the picture.

"This was basically what he did for a living before becoming president. reading media clippings and writing bullshit on them with a sharpie and mailing them to people," one person commented.

"It’s interesting to see Trump’s little fantasy world printed out on paper and personally signed by himself," another person said.

MAGA Style

But not everyone is upset by it, "Tomi. This reminds me of when I was mayor. I used to sit in my office for hours scrolling on Facebook and keeping track of everyone who said something nice and everyone who said something mean about me. Some days that's all I did. The residents loved the Thank You notes from me," one former mayor commented.