Don Omar And Akon’s New Video Follows A “Good Girl” In A Bad World

Don Omar has linked up with Akon for new single and video “Good Girl,” directed by Carlos Pérez.

Shot in Miami, the clip begins by following a casually dressed baddie into the back of an establishment before she makes her way to the bar. The camera then showcases the same “good girl” preparing to perform, as the classically trained ballerina is later seen tempting patrons with her dangerous curves on stage.

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“And she’s a good girl caught up in a bad world/and if you ask her, she’ll say the same thing,” Akon insists on the hook. “She said she’s a good girl turned into a bad girl/caught up in a bad world,” he adds.

Don Omar is back with new video, “Good Girl.”
Don Omar is back with new video, “Good Girl.”

The track’s merengue vibes come to life as Don Omar takes over on the dance record designed to get people out of their seats.

The single follows his most recent, “Let’s Get Crazy” featuring Lil Jon, at a time when the Latin Grammy-winner is at his most creative.

“I am experiencing one of the most creative and productive stages of my career. After taking a break, I’m making the music I want and with artists I’ve always wanted to collaborate with. For that and much more, I am blessed”, Don Omar shared in a press release.

Check out the hot clip below.

Featured artist Akon has been in the news as of late thanks to several revelations, including that he was given a $1 billion line of credit from China and that his brother would often act as a stage double when he couldn’t make a show.

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