Dolly Parton Discloses Exclusive Glimpse at Her ‘Salvation Army’ Christmas

Everyone loves the excitement and warmth of the holidays – and everyone wants to go home for the holidays – but there are some years in which that dream is just not possible.

It even happens to the most famous of us all: In this exclusive clip, country legend Dolly Parton discusses a Christmas in 1964, when all she wanted to do was go home to see her family, but didn’t have the money to do so. She’d just moved to Nashville at that point, and was so broke she was forced to be “living on ketchup and mustard soup for days.” That particular Christmas Parton felt so lonely, that the only place she could think to go was the Salvation Army to help them serve food.


As she explains, it turned out to be a good Christmas after all.

In the spirit of giving and in celebration of NBV’s new TV-movie, Dolly Parton’s Coat of Many Colors, Parton wants to provide one lucky winner and three guests a once in a lifetime getaway to the Great Smoky Mountains, which includes a tour of her own Tennessee Mountain Home. Fans can enter the “Coat of Many Colors” Sweepstakes here.