'Dolemite' Star Rudy Ray Moore's Daughter Claims Netflix, Eddie Murphy, Getting Richer While She Is on Welfare

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  • Rudy Ray Moore
    Rudy Ray Moore
    American comedian, singer, actor, and film producer, godfather of rap (1927-2008)

The daughter of "Dolemite" star Rudy Ray Moore is about to go to war with the stars of the reboot film Eddie Murphy and Chris Rock are filming for Netflix, and she says it cannot be made without her blessing.

According to Rusty Wesson, who says she is the legal daughter of the late comedian, she has been cut out of the profits of the upcoming film and all the Netflix money.

Wesson says she has major financial and health issues, including being placed on welfare.

In a video statement to The Blast, Rusty describes how she is the heir to the "Dolemite" estate after the death of her father, Rudy Ray Moore.

Wesson is upset that the stars including Murphy and Rock, will be making millions of dollars from the film, and that she has not been included in any profits.

Wesson claims to have the backup to prove her case, and comes armed with the comedian's will, obtained by The Blast.

According to Rudy Ray Moore's will, "real and/or personal property: All my earthly possessions, exclusive rights to all monies, movies, music, image, vocal reproduction and or simulations and all rights to any contracts both executed or pending. It is my express wish that Yvette E. Wesson-Mingo receive everything to the exclusion of all other family members or relatives."

Wesson also has documents filed in Wayne County, Ohio where a judge in 2010 gave her the right as executor of Rudy Ray Moore's estate.

Rusty has hired Los Angeles attorney Ronald Lebow to represent her in the case, and is considering filing an injunction against Netflix to stop the film from its tentative September release.

As for how this happened, Wesson's team says around the time of Moore's 2008 death, a company, "took advantage" of him and " entered into a deal to license three films which was one sided in their favor."

She claims the company, "did not pay the monies owed and slow paid a portion of the monies such that Rusty had to take care of her father by herself with no financial assistance."

Wesson claims she hasn't received any cash because the producers' position is that she is NOT Moore's daughter. A source close to Wesson explains, "they failed to pay or account to Rusty who was his daughter and the Executor of the Estate in which she was the sole beneficiary by his Will."

The company, "refused to acknowledge her as either the daughter or executor. Even in the face of the legal documents showing that Rusty is the beneficiary and executor, (the company) has tried to claim that she is not Rudy Ray Moore’s daughter and/or not the proper representative of her father."

We're told at some point a settlement agreement was reached between all parties having to do with the rights of the "Dolemite" character and the movie rights, but Wesson claims the money was not paid.

We're also told that when Wesson began making a fuss, the company sent her a check for $50,000 ... but it was returned as her legal team feels she deserves a much higher amount.

According to Wesson's attorney, "It is apparent (the company) is not interested in resolving the issues nor rectifying its breach of the agreement, including my client's rights and interest in the Netflix film project."

He continues, "In that regard, at Ms. Wesson's request we are presently moving forward with litigation counsel and a top forensic accounting firm to undertake an audit since 2008 of the royalties owed to Rudy Ray Moore and his Estate, including seeking a restraining order against the Netflix film of her father."

The Blast reached out to Netflix, so far no comment.

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