Doja Cat On Shaving Head And Brows: “I Was Never Supposed To Have Hair”

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Doja Cat shocked her 24.1 million fans last Thursday (August 4) when she revealed her newly-shaved bald head on Instagram. As if the new look wasn’t show-stopping enough, she went on to shave her eyebrows during an Instagram Live.

During the Live, Doja shared that going hairless was something she’s always wanted to do. “I feel like I was never supposed to have hair anyway,” she expressed. “I don’t like having hair. I never liked having hair. I cannot tell you one time since the beginning of my life that I’ve ever been like, ‘This is cool.’ I just do not like to have hair.”

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Attributing her big chop to working out, she went on to say, “I remember feeling so fucking just exhausted with working out. Like whenever I went to go train, I had a trainer at one point, and I’d be wearing wigs and they would be getting tacky. They’d like, re-tack because of the moisture, and then they’d start sliding and peeling off of my head while I’m doing this incredibly strenuous thing.”

She added, “There were times I put on a beanie on top of my wig, that’s on top of a wig cap, that’s on top of braids.”

Doja also admitted that she would straighten her hair constantly to keep from dealing with its natural state. “You guys have seen me wear my natural hair out. I had like two eras where my hair would be out, like I would straighten it. There was a moment where it was natural, and I don’t even wear it natural because I don’t feel like it. It’s just a fucking nightmare, dude. I’m over it. I’m really liking this.”

Per a recording of Doja’s Live obtained by HipHopDX, shortly after showing off her new hair-less style (which she revealed to have actually cut on July 31), she shaved her brows too.

“My makeup artist just texted me, ‘Are you shaving your brows off? I’m driving the fuck over,’” she said while in the midst of nearly getting the shaving cream in her eye. “I’m gonna do it.”

After revealing her glabrescent face, only sporting eyeshadow and blue liner, she said, “It’s so funny, all the Terry Jo’s and the country girls in my chat are like, ‘Are you okay, sis? Are you okay? Sis? Are you okay, baby?’ I’m fine Terry Jo, I’m just fine. I’m doing dandy,” she responded to fans voicing concern for her abrupt decision.

Check out Doja Cat’s new look above.

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