Doja Cat Assures Fans She’s OK After Shaving Off Her Hair & Eyebrows: ‘I’m Rich, I’m Fine’

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Doja Cat knows she’s still a boss b—h, even if she has no hair. In a recent Instagram Live, the 26-year-old “Vegas” rapper told viewers that the recent surge in online negativity over her newly shaved head and eyebrows isn’t bothering her — but that people speculating she’s mentally ill because of her new look definitely are upsetting her.

Doja first revealed her bare head in a Thursday (Aug. 4) Instagram Live, during which she later shaved off her eyebrows on camera as more than 20,000 people watched in real time. Ever since, she’s been sharing lots of selfies showing off different painted-on brow looks — but not everyone is a fan. Some on social media have commented their dislike for the style change, with others drawing comparisons between the “Kiss Me More” musician and Britney Spears, who infamously shaved off all her locks in 2007 before being placed in a conservatorship.

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“I’m rich, I’m fine,” Doja said, addressing those people in particular. “The whole, like, ‘Are you OK, queen?’ s–t makes me want to rip my — well, I guess the hair that I have left out. It makes me want to rip my f–king pubic hair out — I absolutely hate it.”

The Grammy winner previously explained that she shaved her head because she rarely showed her natural hair anyway. She pointed out that she’d spent most of her career wearing wigs, and said that she felt like she was never supposed to have hair in the first place.

“People think that, for some reason, I’m, like, not well because I don’t have hair on my face or on my head,” she also said on Instagram Live. “It’s just a wild f–king world we live in. Shaving my head made me feel really good because I know that everyone that liked me before my head was shaven and doesn’t like me now was never worth it.”

“Nothing changed — I just have no hair,” Doja added. “But now that I’m bald and my eyebrows look f–king awesome, people are like, ‘What? I don’t like you.’ And I’m like, ‘Good. Get out of here.'”

Watch Doja Cat address haters of her new no-hair style below:

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