Doja Cat Arrives at Hotel Ahead of Met Gala Nearly Naked Under a Plastic Bag

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Forget the red carpet and the after-parties: Doja Cat is out here making the case for pre-Met Gala dressing. And by that I mean she was photographed arriving at The Mark Hotel in New York City (THE spot to get ready when you're an A-list celebrity) wearing what appears to be a plastic bag. Which she paired with some nude shapewear and nipple pasties for good measure.

doja cat

Unclear what Doja is wearing on tonight's red carpet, but last year she came dressed as a literal cat. Specifically, late designer Karl Lagerfeld's cat, Choupette. Here she is conducting an entire red carpet interview via meows:

Doja Cat’s creative director, Brett Alan Nelson, told the New York Times that “We were inspired by the idea of Karl’s relationship with his cat, and Doja Cat being Doja Cat, who also has a very close relationship with her cats. We just really wanted it to be an elevated version of a female feline.”

Meanwhile, special effects makeup artist Malina Stearns said Doja Cat's feline face prosthetic took an hour to apply, though they also did two run-throughs. “She wanted to be a cat herself, as like a humanoid kind of cat,” Stearns said, adding "I still wanted her beauty to shine through. We just wanted to pay homage to her being the cat and still kind of keep it in a very beauty world.”

Truly can't wait for Doja Cat to hit the carpet and potentially outdo her look last year!

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