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'Dog Whisperer' Cesar Millan defends Major Biden following incidents: 'We can’t blame the dog'

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The “Dog Whisperer” himself Cesar Millan called into Fox News Primetime Tuesday, where he came to the defense of President Biden’s dog, Major, following the presidential pup’s second nipping incident which occurred on the White House lawn last week. Earlier in March, Major caused a minor injury to someone at the White House in a similar incident.

Host Mark Steyn blamed the incidents on tension in the White House, but Millan said that’s not necessarily the case.

“Animals do react from the energy in the environment, but this is a perfect example of not having a safety protocol to introduce dogs into the White House, right? So, it’s the same protocol for any house. It’s just accidents happen because there is no safe protocol,” Millan said. “So we can't blame the dog. That's the first thing we have to understand is, we can't blame the dog. We have to take full responsibility of how to introduce a dog into an environment first, and then introduce the dog to new people so he gains the trust, the respect and the love. Then you have harmony.”

Steyn went on to question whether the number of people working at the White House is the problem, along with the fact that Biden’s dogs are walked by staff. But Millan explained that being around a lot of people is actually a good thing for dogs.

“Doesn’t that complicate the situation?” Steyn asked. “Absolutely not,” Millan replied. “That makes him more social. He has more friends. This is a big opportunity here. If everybody understands the same thing and practices the same behavior, everybody’s going to be Major’s best friend.”

Steyn then questioned if Major’s problem is that he’s a rescue, but Millan was quick to put an end to that line of thinking.

“We all have issues. We all come with issues. After 20 years of age, people have issues,” Millan said. “So, a rescue dog is a dog that had issues and they were placed into a shelter. It doesn't mean he can't go back to normal, you know? So, back to normal means the human gives exercise, mental stimulation and affection. Body, mind, heart. That returns him back to normal. A normal that people didn’t give. So rescue dog doesn't mean they are broken. Rescue dog means they had a human prior to them that didn't know how to fulfill the life of a dog.”

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