Dog Reunited With Emotional Owner After Two Months Lost In The Wild

An Oklahoma pet owner was given a very special gift on Christmas Day after he was reunited with his dog who had been missing for two months.

The heartwarming moment between Keath Dement and his pet, Darcy, was filmed by Mitzi Troxell Brogdon, a volunteer at a local animal rescue group that managed to locate and capture the dog near Oklahoma City.

Though the English bulldog had been spotted since he went missing on October 30, neither the owners nor the volunteers were able to capture him until Christmas morning, when they set up a trap in a position they had previously seen him.

“You can imagine the emotions and the crying and the ‘not being able to get there fast enough’ actions of Keath,” said Troxell Brogdon in a Facebook post, describing the emotional scenes of her call to inform Dement of their discovery.

In conversation with the animal rescue group, Dement said, “People are so good, this has restored my faith in humanity.” Credit: Mitzi Troxell Brogdon via Storyful