Dog Owners Say This Best-Selling Car Hammock ‘Keeps Back Seats Pristine’


Dog owners know how ridding your home of pet hair is just something that comes with the territory. They give you unconditional love and adoration, while you invest in a proper vacuum to keep your wooden floors from becoming carpeted in dog hair. Most would consider this a fair trade-off.

But of course, the pet hair-proofing doesn't stop inside your house: It continues into your car. And according to the more than 3,000 Amazon shoppers who've already given it a spotless review, you can end the struggle by snagging Active Pets Dog Car Seat Cover.

The seat-protecting pet hammock has earned the retailer's top spot in the category of dog car seat covers thanks to the shoppers who've called it "a game changer" for keeping their pups both safe and sound — and of course, their back seats hair-free.

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Because it comes in both a standard and extra large option, the Active Pets cover is designed to fit in every back seat no matter what size car, truck, or SUV you use to chauffeur your dog around in. "I was skeptical, but the darn thing works like a charm," one reviewer said in a review titled, "Keeps Back Seats Pristine." "Fit perfectly... I hated taking my dog anywhere in my car because I always had a hard time vacuuming all the hair. Now, it's not a problem."

The hammock-style cover puts your dog's safety first by anchoring to the car's headrests and utilizing a non-slip bottom to prevent any sliding. And when dog hair does start to pile up, its outer layer of easy-to-clean waterproof cotton material can be wiped down with a damp cloth (or swept with the aforementioned pet hair vacuum).

"We use this with our 85-pound English labrador and our three Havanese dogs," another shopper said. "It's very easy to install, extremely easy to clean, and dries quickly. It's made from quality material and appears to be sturdy and tough. Our dogs definitely put it to the test. We use this most often with our labrador, since she is often wet and muddy when she gets in the back seat. It's easy to sweep away dried dirt and hair."

Right now, you can head to Amazon to grab the seat cover pet owners swear by for a hair-free car on sale for $36.


Buy It! Active Pets Dog Car Seat Cover, $35.66 (orig. $41.96);

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