Dog Mom's Solution to Helping Puppy Sleep in the Crate Is Way Too Sweet

Sleep tight Pretzel!

One of the first steps of training your puppy involves the dreadful crate. Some dogs have no problem sleeping in there, while others need time to get used to it. And on the rare occasion where it seems impossible for your puppy to get comfortable in the crate, try this trick from TikTok user @pamandpretzel.

Her puppy named Pretzel was having such a difficult time. As soon as she shut the crate door, he would cry hysterically and wake up consistently throughout the night. She needed to find a solution to calm him. And what she finds is so sweet. 

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Aww! He's finally sound asleep in the crate with no issue. All it took was Snuggle Puppy Heartbeat Toy that she bought off of Amazon. The toy has a heartbeat which helps with anxiety and calms down dogs. This TikToker said he didn't cry when going to bed! Way to go, Pretzel!

"Good job mama!!! Being patient with him and finding solutions was the best thing you could have done for him!!!!" said @Rebecca Torres. Exactly! Dog training is all about patience. We're so happy she helped Pretzel out and now they both can sleep soundly at night. 

@kjo127 wrote, "My puppy adored his snuggle puppy and really helped with crate training at night." Aww! Another great review for this product. But if you don't want to spend the money, maybe try what @hausofel_1by1dogrescue suggested. The comment reads, "Wear an old shirt for a few hours and give it to him at bedtime. It smells like you and helps a lot." Wow! We love that idea! 


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