Dog Helps Guide Lamb Across Flooded Creek in South Australia

It turns out dogs are not just man’s best friend, but also lamb’s best friend, if heartwarming footage tweeted on July 21 is anything to go by.

Video by Jo Calliss, who lives in Port Lincoln, South Australia, shows her dog Abla patiently guiding a seven-week-old lamb called June across a flooded creek while out on a walk.

Calliss told Storyful that June was attacked by a fox when she was just a day old.

She said that June suffered severe head and leg wounds after being attacked in broad daylight while Abla, a livestock guardian dog whose name aptly means “big sister”, was off-duty.

“She’s made a remarkable recovery and adores all of her doggy friends but especially Abla,” Calliss said, adding that the pair are “inseparable”. Credit: Jo Calliss via Storyful