Deal Alert! The Dog DNA Test With Thousands of Rave Reviews Is On Sale for Prime Day

Deal Alert! The Dog DNA Test With Thousands of Rave Reviews Is On Sale for Prime Day

With the popularity of direct-to-consumer ancestry DNA tests continuing to rise — seriously, over 26 million people have already taken one — it makes sense that pet lovers would want to get in on the trend. If you’ve ever rescued a pup from a shelter or adopted an adorable mutt, you’ve probably guessed what breeds your pooch may be based on their appearance — but now, you can get real scientific answers thanks to the development of doggie DNA testing.

Over 3,000 Amazon shoppers are already in on this secret and swear by Wisdom Health’s Wisdom Panel 3.0 Breed Identification Dog DNA Test Kit. Not only can it provide an accurate genetic analysis of your dog’s ancestry, but it also offers explanations of each breed’s characteristics so you can better understand your pooch. Even better? The DNA testing kit is super simple to use. Simply swab the inside of your pup’s cheek, mail in the sample, and activate the kit online. In a few short weeks, you’ll know exactly what breeds your canine friend is made up of.

The DNA kit is so popular that our own Pets team put the kit to the test on People Executive Editor Elizabeth Sporkin’s beloved rescue dog Joey. Sporkin was convinced that her pup was a chihuahua/dachshund mix, only to find out Joey is actually a cheagle — a mix of chihuahua and beagle. Thousands of Amazon customers have also been surprised to find out their dog’s genetic makeup was completely different from what they guessed, but many love that the test helped them learn more about their precious pooches.

“We adopted our dog when he was an 8-week old puppy. He was listed as a Jack Russell terrier mix and was the runt of the litter, so he was very tiny when we brought him home. At 4 months old he had grown to the size of a full grown Jack Russell and I knew that the humane society must have just guessed his breed based on his markings,” said one Amazon customer. “I decided to purchase this DNA breed identification kit to get to the truth, and I’m so glad I did! We found out there is absolutely no Jack Russell in our dog and that he is a mix of hound dogs. So cool to know what he really is, would recommend to anyone who has adopted their dog without knowing what breed they are really dealing with!”

Another happy customer said the test was “so worth it” and added, “Loved it! We knew our puppy was a cocker spaniel mix which this test confirmed but we also found out she was Boston terrier and American Staffordshire terrier. The weight prediction was an added bonus so we know what to expect as the puppy grows. So happy we did it and we received the results super fast, from the time we got the kit in the mail to the time we got the results it took less than two weeks.”

While you might be interested in testing your dog’s DNA out of sheer curiosity, this handy test can also help owners find out if their pet has genetic mutations or is prone to any future health issues, so you can get a jumpstart on prevention treatments.

The DNA kit normally retails for $84.99, but you can now shop it now for just $69.99 thanks to Amazon Prime Day. If you’re interested in giving the kit a try, be sure to add it to your shopping cart ASAP, because a product that helps you learn more about your pup and keep them healthy is sure to sell out fast!y? Sign us up!

Buy It! Wisdom Health Wisdom Panel 3.0 Breed Identification Dog DNA Test Kit, $69.99 (orig. $84.99);