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Dog the Bounty Hunter Tearfully Says 'Beth Isn't Dead, She's Sleeping'

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Dog the Bounty Hunter fought back tears while he talked about his wife Beth Chapman's last moments.

Duane "Dog" Chapman walked outside of his home in Honolulu, Hawaii hours after Beth died, and was joined by other family members who consoled the bounty hunter while he spoke.

Wearing an all denim outfit, Dog told reporters the family is "trying to celebrate the life, but we're mourning the death."

The reality star showed gratitude for the millions of condolences sent by fans and loved one, and gloated a little that Beth is "Trending #1 on Twitter."

He also warned fans from donating to unauthorized funds for Beth, as Dog says, "we don't need any money at all," urging people to send flowers instead of cash.

Dog said Beth "knew this day would come," but admitted her death came quicker than the family was expecting.

Choked up by tears, the star described his late wife's clothes and makeup that remains exactly where she had left it.

Not missing a moment for a little laugh, Dog also described how Beth was "somewhat of a control person," and made sure to leave him notes around the house.

"I loved her so much," he said, adding he strongly feels "Beth isn't dead, she's sleeping."

The Chapman family set up an easel holding up a photo of Beth outside of their home for fans to come leave flowers in honor of the star.

They also decorated her Mercedes sedan, with the license plate "MRSDOG," in beautiful Hawaiian flowers.

As we first reported, the family plans on cremating Beth, per her final wishes.

The family is also planning two memorials -- one in Hawaii and the other in Colorado, where Beth's family lives.