What does Pride mean to you?

We asked the attendees of DC Pride to write down what each letter of Pride means to them

Video Transcript


- For P, I said, I'm proud to be myself 100%.

- Proud to be out. This is my first Pride. I've only been out a couple of years.

- Proud to be who you are, because that's really what the essence of Pride is. It's about really establishing what your identity is and being free to be who you are.

- Respect, people need to have respect for your choices and who you care about.

- Respect everyone's identity, because even within the gay community, it can be hard to find respectful and safe places. And so I really think that it's important as we talk about Pride, to make sure that everyone's identity is respected, even if you're not really aware of what their identity means.

- Finally, being my real self. It was very hard coming out and something it was a struggle throughout my life.

- I means inclusion.

- This is my identity. This is my true self.

- Individuality, because I think what's beautiful is that everybody can be themselves.

- I put inclusivity. Events such as this are really helpful for people who are struggling with their identity or maybe not know, but this is really important for them to see that, that there are spaces like this that are safe for everyone.

- You don't have to hide. For a long time I had to hide and I don't anymore.

- Diversity, I mean, that's just like a given. In order to have impactful and significant spaces in Pride and in the LGBT community, you need to make sure that everyone is represented and that you have a diverse community.

- Equal, all of us.

- That I'm excited to be a gay woman.

- E is For expressing yourself and just having safe spaces, such as DC Pride, is really helpful for those looking for an outlet.

- That everyone deserves love. I mean, that's just what Pride was founded on. I think every human, no matter who they are, no matter what they identify as, I think that they are worthy of love and compassion.