Does ‘Love Is Blind’ Season 4 Star Marshall Glaze Have a Girlfriend? Details Amid Resurfaced Tweets

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Moved on? Love Is Blind season 4 saw Seattle resident Marshall Glaze get engaged to Jackelina Bonds in the pods. While they didn’t make it down the aisle after splitting before their wedding day, there has been no shortage of drama. Now, Jackie is dating fellow podmate Josh Demas, but what about Marshall? Keep reading for everything we know about his relationship status and rumored new girlfriend.

Why Did Marshall and Jackie Split?

Marshall and Jackie started off as one of the strongest couples, but after a heated conversation about the fact that they “don’t have sex,” things took a turn. Jackie made it clear that she wanted her man to be “more aggressive.”

When her former flame, Josh, came back into the picture and let her know that he still had feelings, Jackie’s relationship with Marshall was all but over.

According to the dental assistant, “immediately attracted to Josh” after meeting him in person, telling producers that she “chose wrong.” However, it wasn’t until the marketing manager made a “derogatory” comment about his then-fiancée that their relationship was truly over, according to Jackie.

“It happened off camera when we were filling out the marriage certificate,” she told host Vanessa Lachey during a pre-taped reunion segment. “He had called me a derogatory name and we fought about it and he left for three days. I think what it was, was it was a bad joke. It was one of those where we were joking, but it just came off as bad.”

Marshall then addressed the elephant in the room during the live reunion taping revealing that he told his then-partner, “You got a strong jawline. I mean, like, you could’ve been a man for all I know,” making it clear that he did not use a “derogatory term” as “that word is not in [his] vocabulary.”

Following their split, Jackie reconnected with Josh, and the pair recently celebrated their one-year anniversary.

Does Marshall Have a New Girlfriend?

After a series of tweets from 2014 in which Marshall made disparaging comments about black women resurfaced, the Baltimore native took to social media to apologize from his past.

“Please allow me the space to, again, apologize for those tweets from 2014 and earlier,” the Netflix personality shared via TikTok in April 2023. “2023 Marshall is ashamed of the younger, less evolved and immature version who published those tweets,” he added before going on to acknowledge and show appreciation for some of the “phenomenal Black women” in his life.

According to a screenshot captured and reshared by blog account The Bitchelorette, Marshall seemingly included apparent girlfriend Dr. Chay Barnes.

“Last but certainly not least, this Queen,” he wrote over a photo of the pair walking hand in hand shared via his Instagram Story. “Chay … you deserve the biggest apology out of them all. You have been sidelined by me for reasons that I can’t even begin to explain. You stuck by me even when I pushed you away. Never again.”

While he didn’t specify the nature of their relationship, both Marshall and Chay follow each other on Instagram.