How the documentary 'Dear Santa' discovered a heart-wrenching letter

The new documentary "Dear Santa" details the herculean efforts of Operation Santa, the annual USPS initiative to get thousands of kids' letters delivered to Santa.

Director Dana Nachman recently spoke with Yahoo Entertainment about her new movie, and the heart-wrenching letter they discovered.

"So when we first started this ... one of our executives said, 'make sure you have a letter from an LGBTQ kid.' I'm like, 'how do you suggest we find them?'" Nachman said of the difficult task.

But while she was on a shoot, a crew member called her with news of a particularly poignant letter that came in. It read, in part, "if you can speak to God, can you tell him I love him and if he loves me for being gay."

Dana recalled her excitement at finding the letter but also added, "there is some sadness in it that ... what are the messages that he's hearing that he might even think that God or Santa don't love him?"