DL Hughley: Sheryl Underwood Is One of 'greatest comics' Ever Seen

Comic and actor DL Hughley visits "The Talk" to celebrate host Sheryl Underwood's birthday and reminisces about their long-standing history together. "The thing I remember the most, definitively, is she does comedy like the greatest comics I've ever seen," says Hughley. "She didn't have a lane. She just did what she did and it was an amazing thing to see." Underwood says back, "All I remember was this guy was an intellectual, street genius. He could tell street stories with intellectual power, but he was already speaking for the masses and he was just devastatingly funny and he was relatable and he was doing things that most comics wished that they could do and he was doing it effortlessly. It was an honor to watch him perform. He was a technician of comedy."