DJ Mustard’s Ex-Wife Demands Over $80,000 Per Month In Child Support


Musician DJ Mustard's ex-wife, Chanel Thierry, is seeking a court order on several issues she has in their divorce. Mustard is also seeking orders, he wants to be single!

Chanel Thierry Wants Authority Over Decisions About The Kids

DJ Mustard's Ex-Wife Demands Over $80,000 A Month In Child Support

In Chanel's filing, obtained by The Blast, she is requesting an order by a California judge on issues of child custody, child support, spousal support, attorney's fees, and even an order regarding their communication, or lack thereof.


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Chanel is asking for joint physical and joint legal custody of their three minor children. However, she is requesting that she has "tie breaking authority" when it comes to the "decisions regarding the health and education" because it has become "increasingly difficult to co-parent with Mustard as he does not communicate or answer her text messages." Chanel is concerned about the lack of communication and that it will affect the well-being of their children.

DJ Mustard Turned The Nanny Against Chanel Thierry

DJ Mustard arriving at Valentino show during the Paris Fashion Week 2020

Chanel claims she and Mustard have had a nanny for the entirety of their relationship, and their nanny would switch off weeks and assist them with the children. She also claims they have used their nanny to help communicate about their children, but their nanny is now Mustard's "house" manager.

Chanel says she no longer has a nanny to come to her home nor does she have a nanny to help her communicate with Mustard to make sure their children are okay when they are not in her custody.  To mitigate this issue, Chanel is requesting an order requiring them to use "Our Family Wizard" (online court communication platform) to communicate about the children, and for an order that the family Escalade go back and forth between households when exchanging the minor children.

Chanel Thierry Doesn't Think She's Asking For Too Much

DJ Mustard's Ex-Wife Demands Over $80,000 A Month In Child Support

As for child support, Chanel is requesting "reasonable support" in light of a guideline amount of $82,628 a month for child support for all three minor children pending a forensic evaluation reviewing Mustard's income available for child support for the year 2022.

Chanel says her attorneys have already reviewed Mustard's adjusted gross income for the year 2020, and it was over $10 million dollars. Forensic accountants still need to determine Mustard's income available for support for the year 2022 in order to make a request for a more specific award, however, Chanel wants a temporary support order.

According to their Pre-Marital Agreement, Chanel shall receive $35,000 per month in spousal support and requests that Mustard "true up his support payments from June 1, 2022, to present. " Chanel wants an additional $60,000 from Mustard to "true up the support payments he has made thus far."

DJ Mustard's Networth Surpasses $12 Million

Dj Mustard arriving at Laundered Works Corp show during the Paris Fashion Week 2020

In Chanel's sworn declaration, also obtained by The Blast, she claims her ex "is a successful American Record Producer who makes an extraordinarily high living wage." She also claims his net worth is upwards of $12 million dollars and has "more than enough income to pay for both his and my attorney fees."

Specifically, Chanel is asking DJ Mustard to pay $40,000 toward her attorney's fees and costs.  Thus far, Mustard has contributed $25,000 to Chanel's former counsel, and $10,000 to Respondent's current counsel, and has allegedly agreed to contribute an additional $20,000 to her current counsel but she claims he has not yet paid pursuant to the verbal agreement.

Chanel Thierry Is Legally Single

DJ Mustard's Ex-Wife Demands Over $80,000 A Month In Child Support

DJ Mustard recently filed a request for a status judgment, which allows him and his ex to have single marital status, and to reserve the other issues like support and custody for a later date.  In the filing, obtained by The Blast, DJ Mustard is asking the court to “reserve jurisdiction over all other subject matter issues of the marriage, including but not limited to, child custody and visitation, child support, spousal support, division of community property assets and liabilities, confirmation of separate property assets and liabilities, reimbursement claims, and attorney and expert fees and costs, and all other matters which the Court determines appropriate and within the scope of the jurisdiction.”

Mustard and his ex are due in court on February 1st to hash out several issues.