DJ Khaled's 2 Kids: Everything to Know

DJ Khaled and his kids
DJ Khaled and his kids
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Asahd Khaled Instagram

DJ Khaled loves being a father.

The "I'm The One" singer and his fiancée, Nicole Tuck, are the proud parents of two boys: Asahd, 6, and Aalam, 3, whom they welcomed in 2016 and 2020, respectively.

For Khaled, becoming a father was a dream come true. "I always wanted to be a dad," he told Parents in December 2020. "I couldn't wait to have kids — it's something I'd been talking about most of my adult life."

As he told PEOPLE during an April 2021 interview, fatherhood is everything he had hoped for and more.

"God blessed me with two beautiful boys, an amazing queen and mother [Nicole Tuck] and blessed me to be a great father," he said. "This is the best feeling I ever felt in my life because it's pure. There's really no words you can describe the feeling unless you're a mother or father. It's just the truth. It's a feeling that they haven't even made a word for yet, and it's unbelievable."

He continued, "It is so beautiful when you can teach a kid to be great because they're born great. And [when] you give them the right knowledge and the right love, it's unbelievable. Genius levels at its highest," the musician adds ... I cry every day, man. I cry happiness just seeing my kids. It's all about them."

DJ Khaled, Aalam Khaled, Nicole Tuck and Asahd Tuck Khaled attend the Hollywood Walk of Fame Star Ceremony for DJ Khaled on April 11, 2022 in Hollywood, California
DJ Khaled, Aalam Khaled, Nicole Tuck and Asahd Tuck Khaled attend the Hollywood Walk of Fame Star Ceremony for DJ Khaled on April 11, 2022 in Hollywood, California

Kevin Winter/Getty

These days, Khaled and Tuck are enjoying life as a family of four and the couple often share glimpses of their sons on social media. In October 2022, Khaled shared a snap of the boys together while picking corn. The month prior, the musician shared a video of the whole family spending a day at the beach.

The boys have also joined their parents on the red carpet. On Feb. 5, 2023, the family of four attended the 65th Annual Grammy Awards in coordinated outfits. Both Khaled and Aalam dressed in all-black while Tuck and Asahd wore black with leopard print.

"Having kids is the truest form of love," Khaled told PEOPLE at the event. "There's no words that could explain."

Khaled gushed about his kids again during a Feb. 28, 2023, appearance on The Jennifer Hudson Show. "My kids changed my life. Once I had my kids, that's my boys. That's Asahd and Aalam," he said of his sons.

Khaled then recalled mentioning his family when accepting his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. "I just thanked my wife and my kids for dealing with me. For my work schedule, for long hours at the house with music and artists coming in or me traveling. That's all I kept thinking about," he said.

Here's everything you need to know about DJ Khaled's kids.

Asahd, 6

Asahd Tuck Khaled
Asahd Tuck Khaled

Asahd Khaled Instagram

Asahd Tuck Khaled was born on Oct. 23, 2016. Asahd, which means "lion" in Arabic, weighed 7 lbs., 14 oz. and Khaled documented his entire birth on Snapchat.

When Asahd was just 4 months old, he received a special gift from his dad's friends, Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz, to help him kick-start his musical career and follow in his dad's footsteps. The couple gifted baby Asahd a miniature white piano with Keys' song lyrics handwritten across the top.

A few years later, when Asahd was 2 years old, he showed promise at following in his dad's footsteps when he said Khaled's famous catchphrase for the first time.

"My Queen put my son on the bed and my son said 'We the best,' " the proud dad recalled. "That was the first time he's ever said that in his life ... I bugged out."

Asahd also helps his dad out in the studio — and even has a few executive producer credits to his name. In March 2021, Khaled shared a photo of him and Asahd working in the studio on his album. "ALBUM MODE ! KHALED KHALED ! Executive prouder @asahdkhaled!" he captioned a photo of the father-son duo holding out a No. 1 sign with their fingers.

The 6-year-old also enjoys being a big brother to Aalam and he was very excited to have a little sibling, even before Aalam was born.

"He used to kiss my queen's belly," Khaled told PEOPLE in April 2021, "and he [now] grabs his face and kisses him every day. He wakes up and wants to go kiss his brother. The way he grabs his face and kisses him is so unbelievable. It's so beautiful."

Tuck added, "He looks after him. He's a real good big brother even though he feels little. It's really cute ... They really love each other and Aalam really looks up to him."

Asahd Tuck Khaled
Asahd Tuck Khaled

Asahd Khaled Instagram

Khaled shared with Parents that one of his and Asahd's favorite activities to do together is drive in the family's golf cart.

"We do this thing after lunch where we drive around together in the golf cart, just him and me," Khaled said. "That's our time. He tells me everything he's doing and what he's been thinking about. And I talk to him about how proud we are of him and how good he's doing in school, and how great he is at being a big brother. It's real peaceful. It's kind of our man-to-man time."

Asahd has his own Instagram account that has over 1.5 million followers, where his parents document everything he is up to, including watching F1 racing and playing basketball. In June 2022, Asahd graduated from kindergarten, and his parents shared a snap of him in his cap and gown on Instagram. "I did it!!! First grade here I come!! 🙏🏽❤️🦁🌎," the caption read.

Aalam, 3

Aalam Khaled
Aalam Khaled

Aalam Khaled Instagram

Aalam Khaled was born on Jan. 20, 2020. Khaled shared the news on Instagram, posting a series of photos of himself posing with Tuck's doctor in the hospital delivery room. He later revealed his second son's name and the meaning behind the moniker while accepting a Grammy award for best rap/sung performance.

"I want to thank my beautiful queen Nicole. I just had a new baby boy a week ago," he continued, going on to share his newborn's moniker and explaining, "It means 'the world' in Arabic," he said during his speech.

Khaled shared the first photo of baby Aalam on Instagram a few days later. It showed newborn Aalam lying next to his big brother Asahd with the caption, "Brothers! Asahd! And Aalam! WE THE BEST! MORE LOVE MORE BLESSINGS!"

Just as Asahd loves being a big brother, Aalam enjoys looking up to him.

"He watches everything he does so intently like, 'What's Asahd doing?' ... They really are learning and teaching each other," Tuck told PEOPLE in April 2021. "They'll protect each other forever. ... Some kids fight with each other, but not these two. They love each other so much. It's so cute."

Aalam is also his dad's No. 1 fan. He even helped celebrate Khaled's album, God Did, topping the Billboard charts in an adorable Instagram video.

Similarly to his brother, the toddler has his own Instagram account. In June 2022, Aalam got his first haircut in honor of Father's Day, which was shared in a sweet Instagram post. For Mother's Day 2022, he shared a video on Instagram with his dad to wish his mom a "Happy Mother's Day."

Aalam and Asahd Khaled
Aalam and Asahd Khaled

Aalam Khaled Instagram

Like his dad, Aalam loves music. Khaled shared with Parents that it's a big part of their mornings together.

"I start every morning off praying. Then I come downstairs and kiss Nicole, Asahd, and Aalam and I get the music vibing," he shared. "These days we've been listening to a lot of reggae and salsa. Also Sade and Aretha Franklin. Music is a big part of our life. I have my turntables and I let Asahd scratch the records."

In January 2023, Aalam turned 3 and his family celebrated the milestone with a circus-themed party. The boy's parents transformed a warehouse into a big-top play zone, complete with rides, games and even a lion.

"The budget was big," Khaled said during a Feb. 28, 2023, appearance on The Jennifer Hudson Show.